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Chapter: 1177

Chapter 1177: Gu Qingyao Is A Formidable Opponent (2)

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They entered and Lin Dongxu said with a smile, "The food is in the kitchen. Are you hungry?"

Qin Si smiled. "No, I ate on the plane."

Lin Dongxu said, "Go and rest then. I’ll run your bath."

He carried the luggage and followed Qin Si upstairs. He put down the luggage and ran a bath for Qin Si. When he emerged, Qin Si had already changed and gone to shower.

While she was showering, he naturally unpacked Qin Si’s luggage. Qin Si had a quick wash, and when she was done, Lin Dongxu had already finished unpacking.

He smiled when he saw her. "Have a good rest! You doctors are so busy. Was this trip exhausting?"

Qin Si sat on the bed and smiled. "It was quite tiring."

"Then have a good rest."

Qin Si grabbed his hand and smiled, "You haven’t seen me for so many days. Don’t you miss me?"

Lin Dongxu paused and he seemed rather flustered. "I missed you… of course I missed you…"

Qin Si was rather amused by how jittery he looked. "Why? It’s not the first time. Why are you so nervous?"

Lin Dongxu smiled rather bashfully.

"My father has already fixed our wedding date. Are you ready to marry me?"

Lin Dongxu hurriedly said in delight, "Yes, I’m all ready. Si Si, I was ready years ago!"

Qin Si smiled and topped backwards. She grabbed Lin Dongxu and pulled him towards her.

"Work has really tired me out this time, but… I have enough energy to spend some time with you, and to…"

Her soft, fragrant lips suddenly met his. How could Lin Dongxu refuse?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. People in love were the most romantic.

He and Qin Si had been truly together for about a year or so. He had been courting her for five years, and they had always gotten along well. The Qin family had only accepted Lin Dongxu about two years ago.

But at that time, Qin Si was busy with work, and their wedding was delayed.

Qin Si had grown up overseas and was educated there, so she was less conservative. Lin Dongxu had also received a higher education. The two of them really hit it off. He had been her boyfriend for almost four years, and her parents were satisfied with him. They were preparing to get married. Qin Si had

no reservations about being together with him.

They napped and woke up two hours later. Qin Si had a simple meal. It was still early, and Lin Dongxu bought her out for a walk.

After being busy for so long, she needed to relax now that she was back.

They had fun until 8 pm, then Lin Dongxu brought Qin Si to Jin Jiang Restaurant to eat. It was peak hour for Jin Jiang Restaurant, and it was almost full.

Ever since the Huo family moved to the capital, they had not gotten used to many things. They were such a large-scale financial group that it was natural that the capital’s important families were willing to befriend them. At that time, Huo Lin was still very busy.

But as he worked and worked, he realized that something was amiss. He realized that the most elite of the capital’s circles had no intention of interacting with him.

Only then did he realize that the Mo family was all-powerful in the capital!

‘When Huo Lin was in a bad mood, his sons naturally suffered. Especially Third Son, Huo Tianning, who had not made any progress.

The financial power behind the Mo family and the Gu family was the Qiao family and the Qin family. He knew how he stood in relation to the Qiao and Qin families. He knew that he had not managed to befriend the most powerful people because of the Mo family and the Gu family.

He could not beat these two families, so he urgently needed to destroy their marriage alliance, of which Gu Qingyao was the key..

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