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Chapter: 1178

Chapter 1178: Gu Qingyao Is A Formidable Opponent (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"What’s your progress? Exactly what kind of person is Gu Qingyao? A girl who grew up in the countryside and was then doted on by the Qiao family should not be a formidable opponent. What stage are you at?"

In the living room of the Huo house, Huo Lin was urgently questioning Third Son, Huo Tianning.

Huo Tianning knew that things were not progressing smoothly for his father and also knew that his father was in a bad mood. He shrank back. He felt that he was very unlucky.

"This… she’s just a woman. Considering the kind of environment that she has been in for so long, I’m sure she’s not interesting at all. Don’t worry, Father. I’ve so much experience overseas; I’m sure I can make Gu Qingyao submit to me completely."

At the moment, he had not even seen Gu Qingyao. He really did not know what she was like.

Although they had both stayed in France and the Huo family had been confident that Gu Qingyao would marry into their family, they had not succeeded.

At that time, the Huo family had already noticed Gu Qingyao, but Oldest Brother had been most suited in terms of age. Now he had become the suitor.

Gu Qingyao maintained a very low profile among the upper class when she was overseas. She seldom attended any social events. The Qiao cousins had been very wary of the Huo brothers. At that time, Huo Tianning had only been a playboy, and Gu Qingyao was not his target. They were going to let his

Older Brother strike. So he really did not know much about Gu Qingyao!

Huo Lin frowned when he heard that. "What do you mean?"

Something was clearly amiss! Of course, Huo Lin noticed.

Huo Tianning immediately looked gloomy. He knew that if he did not tell the truth, his father would certainly beat him.

"This… Father, it’s not my fault! That Gu Qingyao is just like a tortoise. She doesn’t attend any of the gatherings among the rich young women in upper-class society. Everyone knows how lofty her status is, but very, very few people actually interact with her. On this trip back to China, I’ve used all my

tricks, but I still have not managed to reach her.

"Imade so many plans and hosted a gathering, but she didn’t even come…"

Huo Lin understood. This meant that his son had not yet even seen her.

"You… how can you be so stupid? When you were having fun overseas, so many noble young ladies were always fluttering around you. Didn’t you say you can have any lady you wanted? Why doesn’t it work with Gu Qingyao?"

He would like to know too!

He had been so suave overseas!

He ate, drank and made merry with many rich young men to keep him company, while many young girls pursued him. He never needed to worry about a lack of female company. And all of these were girls from important families.

Gu Qingyao was a woman who had grown up ina village in China. What did she know?


He thought that he would host some banquets and create some opportunities to meet. Then he would send little gifts and create some romantic moments so that he could interact with her. To his surprise, he had not even managed to see her after going through so much trouble.

"Father, Gu Qingyao is different from those girls! They’re all single! All they think about is romance and having their own prince. To them, I am their Prince Charming!

"But Gu Qingyao is different. She is the mother of a five-year-old son and has been in a family like the Mos for five years. She will definitely have some knowledge of power, profit and the interests of the noble families. Those tricks used on little girls are not effective on a woman like that!"

Huo Tianning was trying his best to find excuses for himself.

"Don’t worry, Father. I really understand women. I will find a way to deal with Gu Qingyao, and I will succeed very soon."

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