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Chapter: 1179

Chapter 1179: Preferential Treatment (1)

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He was the biggest playboy in the entire Huo family. Besides, it was the Huo family’s secret patron who had instructed them in this matter regarding Gu Qingyao. They had no choice. The Huo family must find a way to break up Mo Beihan and Gu Qingyao.

Huo Tianning was the most suited to this task. After all, he was always surrounded by women when he was overseas.

Huo Tiamning spoke until his throat was parched before he managed to convince his father that he really had a solution and was allowed to go.

Huo Tianning was terribly gloomy. He went out to relax and have some fun. In that way, he discovered that there was actually a Jin Jiang Restaurant in the capital.

He was incredibly excited.

There was also a Jin Jiang Restaurant in France, and it served delicacies from around the world. However, it specialized in Western cuisine. It had all kinds of rare dishes, and they were all delicious.

He loved the restaurant. Jin Jiang Restaurant was a very expensive place. He had not expected to find it in a poor place like the capital.

Could the people here afford it?

Huo Tianning was curious and also eager to try the food, so he went in for a look.

He was surprised to see that it was bustling. He looked at the main dining hall. It was almost full. That was rather unexpected.

Perhaps the prices were cheaper here?

He hurriedly found a place and sat down. The waitress gave him a menu. When he looked at it, he was amazed!

It was really much cheaper than overseas.

The prices in this restaurant were exorbitant overseas. Even a rich, young man like him felt the pinch when he went there. He could not afford to eat there all the time.

But the prices in China were almost half of that overseas.

Huo Tianning did not know if the taste would be the same as that of overseas, or far inferior. He was eager to find out.

He hurriedly ordered all his favorite dishes and excellent red wine, then waited for the waitress to bring his food.

Huo Tiamning looked around him and marveled.

The style was almost the same as that overseas. In every country around the world, Jin Jiang Restaurant was decorated in its unique style, with minor changes to take into account the different customs in different areas.

The decor here was of the same quality as that overseas.

"To think there’s such a high-class restaurant in this hellhole! The prices are much lower than overseas. That’s not fair, What is the boss thinking? How can he give this hellhole such preferential treatment?"

Huo Tianning had been back in China for a while and was somewhat aware of the customs here. He knew that people here were crazy about imported things. Things that were imported from overseas could be sold for very high prices here. In fact, many things were much more expensive here than where

they were made.

Once they heard that it was imported, people immediately felt that it must be a good item and very expensive!

The people in the upper class behaved like that too. Even though imported items were much more expensive, they were willing to spend the money to purchase brands from overseas. This also boosted their status.

Jin Jiang Restaurant was not run by a local. The first restaurant had been opened overseas, so Huo Tianning always thought that the boss of the restaurant must be an overseas tycoon.

So he could not understand why the prices in the capital’s restaurant were so much cheaper than overseas.

The wine and food he had ordered soon arrived. When Huo Tianning looked at the wonderful food, he was even more surprised!

It seemed that the standards were even higher than overseas!

He hurriedly tried some.. Huo Tianning was thrown into confusion!

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