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Chapter: 1182

Chapter 1182: Preferential Treatment (4)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Huo Tianning was shocked. "Stop!"

He angrily shouted at the waitress, "What private room? I arrived just now, and you said there were no more private rooms? Then why does he have a private room?"

He was a very pampered playboy. He was used to eating, drinking and making merry overseas. He had gone to all kinds of high-class places.

In the past, he had usually gone to Jin Jiang Restaurant with his friends and had felt very important.

Of course, he had always managed to get a private room then. But when he came back to China, the private rooms here were different.

VIP membership in Jin Jiang Restaurant extended to every branch in every country. No matter where you went, as long as it was a Jin Jiang Restaurant, all members would be treated the same way.

Only the restaurant in the capital was different. VIP membership was processed separately here. The VIP members here could receive the same VIP treatment overseas, but the overseas members would not receive the same treatment in their restaurant in China.

The restaurant in the capital was the only unique one. The rest were all the same.

So Huo Tianning’s overseas VIP membership was useless here. Anyway, he was here alone, so he just accepted a table outside.

He was surprised when Lin Dongxu came in and brought Qin Si straight to a private room. Huo Tianning was already seething, but this made his anger boil over.

VIP membership in Jin Jiang Restaurant required one to meet a set of very stringent criteria. That someone of Lin Dongxu’s status could be a member was impossible. Then was it… Qin Si?

Huo Tianning immediately smiled, "Lin Dongxu, you must enjoy living off a woman. Don’t put on airs if you have no real ability. You don’t have membership here, so you use Qin Si’s membership. You receive such good treatment by depending on a woman. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?"

Lin Dongxu smiled, "Mr Huo, you’ve just returned to China, and you know too little about the situation here. Chinese are discreet. Mr Huo, you had better learn about our customs, otherwise… you might be making a fuss over nothing and making a fool of yourself."

"You…" Huo Tianning’s expression changed. Could it be that Lin Dongxu was a VIP member here?

Surely not?

"How can you possibly be a VIP member here? The criterion for VIP membership in Jin Jiang Restaurant is so stringent, and the annual fee is so high…"

Lin Dongxu smiled, "Mrs Mo is friends with the Jin Jiang Restaurant’s boss, and I am fortunate enough to have helped the Master of the Mo family with some things. So… I have reaped the benefits."

Huo Tianning looked at the waitress incredulously. The waitress’s signature smile did not waver. "Mr Huo, Mr Lin is right. He is our member. In fact, he is our VIP member and his membership is valid worldwide."

Huo Tianning’s expression grew livid!

He could only watch as Lin Dongxu led Qin Si away.

He looked at the table full of delicacies, but he had lost his appetite. He could not bear the mocking looks of those around him. Huo Tianning got up and left Jin Jiang Restaurant.

Although the dishes he had ordered were expensive, to Huo Tianning, the prices in China were not that absurd. He left without hesitation.

Gu Qingyao was connected to Jin Jiang Restaurant’s boss. He had not known that. Wasn’t Gu Qingyao a girl from an ordinary civil servant’s family?

Why did she have such connections?

The first thing Huo Tianning did when he got home was to tell his father and older brother the news.

Both Huo Lin and Huo Tianxiang were surprised!

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