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Chapter: 1183

Chapter 1183: Preferential Treatment (5)

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"How is that possible? Gu Qingyao is just a girl who grew up in a village. How could she possibly know the boss of Jin Jiang Restaurant?"

Huo Lin did not believe a word of it.

Actually, some people in the uppermost echelons of the capital’s society had already found out about this over the last five years. But not many knew about it.

However, the Huo family had not been in China for long, and it was natural that he was not privy to such secret information.

Jin Jiang Restaurant was world-famous. Even the Huo family could not compete. To them, the boss must have an incredibly lofty position.

They had not expected Gu Qingyao to know him.

Huo Tianxiang frowned and said, "Gu Qingyao was always very quiet when she was overseas. She had a good girl image, something like that of Qin Si. The Qiao family protected her so well, and she seldom participated in social events. She should have no connections!

"She’s been back in China for so many years, but she has never been back to visit her friends in France. That shows how simple and slow she is. How can she be so closely connected with Jin Jiang Restaurant’s boss?"

Lin Dongxu’s tone had implied that Gu Qingyao had given him the membership because of his connection with Mo Beihan.

AVIP membership that was valid worldwide was priceless. And Gu Qingyao had given it to him?

It must be an incredibly close connection!

Huo Tiamning said, "When she was overseas, she was definitely a lady of note. The Qiao family doted on her, and she’s the only heir of Qiao’s Jewelry. It’s natural that she knows some important people.

"But, how old is she? How can she be so close to the boss?"

Jin Jiang Restaurant had been in operation for almost ten years and had many branches overseas. The boss must have been very successful and important ten years ago. Otherwise, he would not have been able to start a restaurant like that.

Others always imagined the boss as a middle-aged man, completely different from a rich, young lady like Gu Qingyao.

Huo Tianxiang had a brainwave. "Gu Qingyao was famous in medical circles when she was overseas. I’ve asked around the capital, and she is considered to be a genius doctor here. The upper crust all respect her. Could that be it? Perhaps she has treated the boss of Jin Jiang for an illness?"

The richer the person grew, the more afraid he became of death. Most people were willing to befriend genius doctors, especially one like Gu Qingyao, who was of high status and very young.

She had many years ahead of her. It would be a very worthwhile connection.

Huo Lin nodded. "Possibly. I heard that Old Master Mo was paralyzed with a stroke a few years ago, but he’s up and about now, and very healthy. His wife is not young either, but the two old folks are always gallivanting about! I heard that it’s due to Gu Qingyao.

"She’s Jiang Yiru’s last disciple and had studied for many years overseas. Besides, Old Madam Qiao personally taught her. It’s quite natural that she has some ability."

Huo Tianxiang said, "Father, I especially asked around for news of Gu Qingyao. We always thought that Gu Qingyao was used as a marriage alliance between the Mo and the Gu families, but after asking around, I realize that the truth is not what we thought it to be!"

Huo Lin paused. "What do you mean?"

Huo Tianxiang said, "Logically, the Gu family was already on the ascent. They wanted a marriage alliance, and many noble families were willing to marry their daughters. A family like the Gus would naturally make an exceptional marriage alliance. A family like the Mos would certainly be their first


"But when they made their alliance, the situation in the Mo family was not so positive, and there were other possibilities in the capital."

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