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Chapter: 1185

Chapter 1185: The Little Fellow’s High IQ (2)

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Huo Lin and Huo Tianxiang exchanged glances. They thought it was rather absurd, but there was no other explanation.

Huo Lin said to Huo Tianxiang, "Go and investigate Gu Qingyao’s background carefully. Sir instructed that we are to destroy her. We must succeed."

Huo Tianxiang nodded. "Yes!"

Mo house, study.

‘Mo Beihan was sitting at his desk as his subordinate presented him with some information.

"Boss, the Huo family is definitely up to no good. They’re not even paying as much attention to the Qiao family as they are to Madam! It is very likely that they are making an attempt on Madam."

Mo Beihan looked at the information without much change in his expression.

"When the Huo family was in France in the past, they mostly focused on Madam Qiao. They wanted to use Madam Qiao to obtain Qiao’s Jewelry. But now that they’re back in China, they seem to have switched targets to our Madam.

"Huo Tianning has recently been very active in upper-class society, and he’s been asking around for news of Madam. He has tried various means to invite Madam to these gatherings, but Madam did not attend a single one."

The other man pursed his lips and began to try to ingratiate himself. "A fool like that trying to ask Madam out? He should think about who he is and who our Madam is. Who is he to invite her?"

Feng Xun had been seriously making the report just now. His lips twitched when he heard that. He glanced at his companion and ground his teeth. That bastard was so good at sucking up.

Qing Lin arrogantly rolled his eyes. I like to suck up, and I will never go wrong by flattering Madam. It might save my life one day!

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‘When Mo Beihan saw him, he asked, "Have you finished your homework?"

The little fellow nodded smugly. "Of course! I’m so clever!"

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Feng Xun and Qing Lin craned their necks to look. Once again, they received a blow.

They were not sure when children should be able to learn the mathematics questions in the book, but they certainly could not do it at that age.

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Mo Beihan glanced at it. "Not bad. You’ve grown even smarter. Study hard, and you can earn lots of money in the future."

The little fellow’s eyes crinkled in a smile. "I will certainly be able to support Mother."

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"How do you know?"

The little fellow said, "I heard one of my friends say that this fellow is very rich. He has been throwing many parties in the capital lately and wants to invite Mother. My friends even asked why Mother doesn’t bring me there to play! They said that there are many fun things at those parties that they’ve

never seen before."

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Mo Beihan laughed and patted his son’s head. "How did you respond? Did they ask you to come back and ask your mother to bring you there to play?"

Little Fellow said, "That’s right! They said that when I come home, I must be sure to ask my mother to bring me there because it’s so much fun. What a bunch of childish friends. They only think about having fun!"



Qing Lin: "…"

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