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Chapter: 1186

1186 The Little Fellow’s High IQ (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Little Fellow raised his head and looked at his dad. "Daddy, you must be careful! I think this Huo Tianning must have taken a fancy to my mother, and he’s trying to

pry her away from you!"

Feng Xun: "…"

Qing Lin: "…"

Young Master, you’re really bold!

Mo Beihan raised his brows. "How can you tell?"

Little Fellow’s eyes shone as he began to babble, "The Huo family does these things! You told me that they want Qiao’s Jewelry, and Mother is Qiao’s Jewelry’s only


"Besides, when Mother married you, it united the Qiao, Qin, Gu and Mo families. Now that the Huo family is here, they need supporters! This organization is too

powerful, and they cannot compete. But if Mother and you separate, you will become enemies, and they can take advantage of it!"

Feng Xun and Qing Lin looked at the little fellow as if he was some exotic beast. They knew that Young Master’s IQ was very high, but they did not know it was that


Besides, something like that could not be understood with just IQ alone.

The two of them simultaneously looked at Mo Beihan. Their boss must be incredible to be able to explain such connections to his five-year-old son.

It was true that no one could understand the big boss’s thinking.

Mo Beihan smiled, "So? What do you think I should do?"

"Of course, you should try to make Mother happy!"

"How should I do that?"

"Do things that she likes! Coax her!"

"For example…"

"Hehe, for example, you can let a cutie like me spend more time playing with her! For example, the three of us can go on a holiday! For example… you can let

Mother bring me to visit grandmother!"

Mo Beihan: "…"

Feng Xun: "…"

Qing Lin: "…"

"Daddy, most importantly, Mother likes me the most, so as long as I’m happy, I’m sure Mother will be happy. Don’t you agree? If she’s happy, of course she will stay

with you!"

Mo Beihan: "…"

Feng Xun and Qing Lin gazed heavenwards. They were speechless. In the end, he wanted their boss to be nice to his son!

Young Master, you’re a genius!

Mo Beihan smiled and patted his head. "Your mother is my wife. It is because she likes me that she married into the Mo family. Do you understand? As for you! You

were only born because your mother likes me.

"But you’ve gotten something right. Right now, I have to make sure your mother is happy every day. What if someone snatches her away? So…

"In the near future, you must study hard and not disturb me when I’m spending time with your mother. Do you understand?"

Little One: "…"

Mo Beihan looked at his homework. "Looks like your little brain has completely absorbed this. In order to keep you busy, I will have to find something more

challenging for you. Study hard!"

Little One looked sulky. "Daddy…"

"If you don’t study hard, you won’t be able to earn money to support your mother!"

Little One: "…"

Little One was no match for his father. He argued for a long time, but could not get the better of him. In the end, he grabbed his exercise book and ran out. He was

so angry that he burst into tears.

Feng Xun and Qing Lin did not know what to say to their boss. You’ll even cheat a five-year-old child. Really…

"Have you found out who is behind the Huos?"

Feng Xun and Qing Lin shook their head.

Feng Xun said, "This… we have no proof. But there’s a small point to mention. The Huo family probably only came into contact with the mastermind recently. The

Huo family of the past probably was not like that.".

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