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Chapter: 1187

Chapter 1187 The Little Fellow’s High IQ (4)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Mo Beihan smiled, "No matter what, he is certainly targeting me. If he dares to oppose me, then he is certainly not a simple person.

"It’s very unlikely that he’s in China. Focus your investigation on those fellows overseas."


The Huo family was just an overseas financial group, but they dared to plot against Gu Qingyao just after returning to China. Mo Beihan felt that they would not dare to do so unless they had a secret supporter.

In the past, the Huo family had been doing fairly well, but not as well as the Qiao family. A business that existed by imitating the Qiao family could not possibly have any big supporters. But now they were acting

unusually, which meant that they had recently built a connection with the mastermind.

After instructing Feng Xun and Qing Lin, Mo Beihan got up to see what kind of complaints the little fellow was making against him.

The little fellow had really gone to complain.

He had gone to look for Gu Qingyao, looking pitiful.

"Mother, Daddy bullied me. He’s so bad, so bad. He’s always making me learn those things that adults learn. I’m so tired. Mother, my brain really hurts!"

Gu Qingyao looked at the exercise book that he handed her and frowned. The little one had a very high IQ and had always learnt very quickly. Gu Qingyao knew that. But wasn’t it too much to be learning this at such a

young age?

"Do you understand all these? Did Father teach you?"

The little fellow nodded. "I’m forced to understand! Father insists that I must learn this. If 1 don’t grasp it, he will say I’m stupid. I don’t want to be stupid, so I have no choice but to force myself to learn. Mother, I don’t

know what it means. I only followed the steps Father told me and memorized them. Wu wu wu, Mother, I’m so pitiful!"

"If you don’t know the meaning, how did you know that I just taught you the steps?"

When the little fellow heard Mo Beihan’s voice, he pursed his lips and kept quiet.

Gu Qingyao looked at him. "The child is so young. Why are you making him learn so many things? When he’s older, you also want him to learn foreign languages, calligraphy and painting. How can his little brain take all

that? It’s all right to have some fun when he’s young. Don’t be in a hurry to teach him so much."

Mo Beihan really loved this child but was very strict with his upbringing. From a very young age, her darling child had always worked much harder than other children. He was only five years old but knew many more

things than other ten-year-olds. Gu Qingyao felt sorry for him.

Mo Beihan smiled. Gu Qingyao was a mother, and mothers were all soft-hearted. She always felt sorry for the child, and although she was much stricter than other parents, she was still much gentler than him.

The little one was very clever, and he enjoyed acting coquettishly to his mother since he was young. He kept on saying he was a child and did not know anything, but he was cleverer than anyone else

In the Mo family, it used to be Mu Mu who had the highest IQ. But the little fellow was just five years old, yet he already knew a lot about human relationships and was very worldly. He was incredibly intelligent.

Over the past few years, Mo Beihan had realized that his darling son was even more intelligent than Mu Mu. He could not help but admire his IQ.

But this little fellow lived in a much better environment than Mu Mu. He was completely adored, and his family was so rich. It was true that he was clever, but he was also scheming and liked to pretend to be pitiful.

As his mother, Gu Qingyao knew him very well. But he, the father, had a better gauge of his intelligence.

Mo Beihan walked over to Gu Qingyao and said smilingly. "You must have faith in our son. He’s a child prodigy. He knows everything.".

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