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Chapter: 1192

Chapter 1192 Divine Assistance From The Little One (2)

Little Fellow raised his brows. "That’s because I’m smart! So? Don’t you think I’m cute and adorable? That’s why! You must certainly find an intelligent man. A very, very intelligent man. That way, you can have a child that is as smart as I am.

"Otherwise, he will be a stupid child. The kind that is stupid, no matter how you teach him."

Zhong Bingyuan: "…" "Older Sister, think about it carefully. Some parents are not so smart, so their children are certainly not so smart either. Don’t you agree? Remember that you must find a smart husband!"

Zhong Bingyuan nodded. "You’re right! It’s true that he must not be too stupid, or I certainly won’t be able to have a child that is as smart as you."

Little Fellow was so delighted he burst out laughing. "Of course! I’m the smartest! Older Sister, you have to think about it carefully. Among those in the capital who are intelligent, handsome and from a good family, who is most suitable?"

Zhong Bingyuan batted her eyelids. She ate as she thought. "Let me think…"

High IQ, handsome, from a good family, close to her in age, lives in the capital…

Little Fellow glanced at Fourth Cousin and gave him a look. I can only help you so far. The rest is up to you. Mu Mu smiled at him and gave him an approving look. He looked at Zhong Bingyuan and smiled gently. "Are you beginning to consider boyfriends? Girls must be careful when choosing a husband. The best is to find someone you know very well. Otherwise, he might change after marriage, and it will be too late for regrets."

Zhong Bingyuan glanced at him in amusement. "That’s right. I must find someone I know very well. That will be the best. But…

"I’m not in a hurry now. I’m still young anyway. I can just continue observing for a few


Mu Mu, "…"

Mu Mu glanced at the Little Fellow, who immediately spoke up. "Older Sister, while you’re not in a hurry, other people are! If you don’t hurry up and choose one, then after a few years, all the good ones will be taken. "Let me tell you! Take my family for example! Matchmakers are always looking for my mother to make a match for my older cousins! They’re very popular.

"Especially my Fourth Cousin. He’s the most handsome of my cousins, and he’s just 20 years old. So many matchmakers are trying to make a match for him! There are plenty of young girls who are in love with him!"

Zhong Bingyuan paused. "Someone is already trying to make a match with your Fourth Cousin?"

A hint of a smile flashed across little Mo Yang’s eyes. "Of course. My Fourth Cousin is such a good man. How many boys in the capital can compare to him? So many young girls like him. Some are younger than him, but even some who are a bit older than him all want to marry him!

"So, Older Sister Yuan, if you like someone, you had better act quickly. Or someone might snatch him up first. Don’t you agree, Fourth Cousin?"

Zhong Bingyuan was rather displeased. She looked at Mu Mu. "With who are they trying to match you? To which girl have you taken a fancy?"

Mu Mu could barely conceal the amusement in his eyes. He smiled. "No one. Don’t listen to his nonsense. No one is trying to match me to anyone, and I definitely haven’t taken a fancy to them."

"Oh, Fourth Cousin!" Little Fellow smiled evilly, "Don’t be shy! Sister Yuan is not a stranger. Why do you have to protect the girl? Tell Sister Yuan! You’re not young anymore. It’s normal to like a girl!"

Mu Mu, "…"

He was instantly bewildered!

Wasn’t the brat helping him just a moment ago?

Now… Why was he maligning him instead?

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