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Chapter: 1193

Little Mo Yang smiled, looking innocent and naive. "Fourth Cousin, why don’t you admit it? If even I can tell, then you have nothing to hide! You’re so handsome, intelligent and talented. You are outstanding, both in terms of family background and character. Plenty of young girls like you."

"Fourth Cousin! You’re so outstanding, the girl will surely like you too.

Don’t be afraid. Give it your all when you pursue her!"

Zhong Bingyuan was consumed by jealousy. She felt completely ill at ease.

"I’m going to the restroom."

She got up and left.

Mu Mu panicked. He glared at little MO Yang. "Stay here. Don’t talk any more nonsense."

"Yuan Yuan… Yuan Yuan…"

The little fellow pursed his lips. He sighed when he saw his fourth cousin chase after her in panic.

"This damned romance! It can even make Fourth Cousin, who is so smart, become so stupid. Mother is right. People who are in love are all fools.

"He doesn’t even understand reverse psychology. Tsk, tsk, tsk! Can’t he see that Sister Yuan is jealous! I spend every day observing Father being jealous. I’m already an expert in all the tactics of romance. Fourth Cousin is not as smart as I am. Tsk! l‘

Little One, who felt that his intelligence was unrivaled, sat in his chair and ate a few more mouthfuls. He suddenly needed to use the toilet, so he jumped off his chair and went off by himself.

He came here often and was very familiar with it.

Little MO Yang was very famous in the capital. Many people in the capital knew who he was. Practically no one dared to touch him. So he was not at all afraid, even when Mu Mu and Zhong Bingyuan were absent.

After he finished with the toilet, the boy walked along the corridor to return to his seat. He had not gotten far when he saw a very flashy man emerge from a private room. He was also heading towards the toilet and met MO Yang head-on.

For an exquisite child like that to appear alone in this place was certainly eye-catching. At first, Huo Tianning did not pay much attention, but he paused when he drew closer.

Could that be… The MO family’s little prince, MO Yang?

He wanted to interact with Gu Qingyao, so he naturally knew about the MO family and the Gu family. He had done his homework and had looked at photographs of every member of the MO family and the Gu family.

He had an especially clear memory of little MO Yang. Besides MO Beihan, this child was the closest to Gu Qingyao.

Huo Tianning’s eyes immediately brightened. If MO Yang was here, did that mean that Gu Qingyao was here too?

Huo Tianning grew incredibly excited. He immediately put on a kindly smile and said, "Little friend, you’re so adorable! Why are you here alone? Have you become separated from your family? I’ll take you back!"

Little MO Yang raised his head and looked at him with large, glittering eyes. He looked naive and innocent.

This fellow must be that playboy who was eyeing his mother!


You’re on the top of my daddy’s kill list, and you’re still in the mood to eat hotpot. You must be really stupid!

He had seen all the photographs of those on Daddy’s perverted kill list. This Huo Tianning dared to covet his mother. As a very, very intelligent little prince, he certainly recognized this fellow.

Little MO Yang beamed, revealing a pretty little tooth. "Uncle, you’re also very handsome! I went to the toilet, and I’m going back now."

Huo Tianning was incredibly delighted to see how innocent and harmless he looked. Little children were so easy to please!.

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