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Chapter: 1196

Chapter 1196 Switching Targets (3)

Then there was the fish and pickles restaurant. It was more ordinary compared to Jin Jiang Restaurant, but they also had a membership system. VIP membership there was also very expensive. Only the rich could afford it.

Of course, Huo Tianning was not short of money. He went to these places every day to find common ground with Gu Qingyao, and in hopes of bumping into her. He went to Jin Jiang Restaurant most frequently. He also spent a lot of time at the fish and pickles restaurant. But the fish and pickles restaurant was more ordinary, and the capital was so large that it had several branches. So Huo Tianning was really very, very busy.

He spent money like water.

The moment he ran out of money, he would ask his older brother for more.

This time, he asked Huo Tianxiang for money again, and Huo Tianxiang could not stand it any longer.

"What have you been up to lately? Why do you need so much money? What happened to the money I gave you previously?"

Huo Tianning said, "I’ve spent it! The food at Jin Jiang Restaurant is just too expensive. The fish and pickles restaurant is comparatively cheaper, but I go there every few days, and I’ve also spent quite a lot of money."

Huo Tianxiang frowned. "What kind of place is Jin Jiang Restaurant? Why do you go there every day? How much can you afford to spend?"

The restaurant was where the most important bosses and rich families gathered to eat. Even the average wealthy person could not afford to eat there for every meal. Most people could not afford those kinds of prices.

Huo Tianning was a playboy, and his financial status was far inferior to that of his oldest brother, Huo Tianxiang. Even though the Jin Jiang Restaurant in China was cheaper, he still could not afford to spend like that in the long term.

Huo Tianning frowned. "Oldest Brother, I don’t have a choice. That Gu Qingyao likes that place and enjoys studying the food and wine there. I’m just taking an interest in her hobbies. "It’s the same for that fish and pickles restaurant. Oh, Oldest Brother, don’t say anymore. Although I don’t spend as much at the fish and pickles restaurant, the food there tastes wonderful! But… I also can’t stand eating there day after day. It makes me sick!"

"Why do you still go?".

Huo Tianning said bitterly, "I received reliable information that Gu Qingyao frequents these two places! I don’t have a choice. Ordinary parties cannot attract Gu Qingyao. I have no choice but to go to these two places and wait for an opportunity."

Huo Tianxiang frowned. "Is your information reliable?"

Huo Tianning immediately said, "Of course. The little prince of the Mo family told me so himself."

Huo Tianxiang was stunned. The little prince of the Mo family was very famous in the capital. Everyone in the Mo family was very talented, and they were all very bright. He had heard that the little fellow was very intelligent although he was so young. In fact, he was far more intelligent than the other children.

He was Gu Qingyao and Mo Beihan’s only son.

And Huo Tianning had made friends with him?

"You’ve seen the little prince? He told you that?"

Huo Tianning said smugly, "That’s right! I went with my friends to eat hotpot and happened to meet the child. A pity that it wasn’t Gu Qingyao who had brought him there. He was out having fun with his older cousin, but I got some information from him.

"He told me himself that his mother enjoys studying the dishes at Jin Jiang Restaurant, and she also likes red wine. It’s the same for the fish and pickles restaurant. His mother often goes to these two places, so those who want to curry Gu Qingyao’s favor but can’t contact her often lie in wait in these two places! "I don’t want to go there every day either, but… I can only hope for a chance meeting!"

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