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Chapter: 1212

Chapter 1212 Chu Yi Falls Ill (2)

Huo Lin was furious. He was already angry, and now, even his son was showing him such an attitude.

"Rubbish. If it were so easy to achieve, why would we need you? Do you think our Huo family got all those benefits for nothing?

"After the Qiao family returned to China, our business overseas slowly started to decline. If Sir had not helped us, the other families would be squabbling over our remains. Now, most of our capital is invested overseas. We need Sir’s help with our investments here in China. If we can’t even accomplish a small thing like that, do you think Sir will continue to give us money?"

Huo Tianxiang did not dare to speak anymore.

The Qiao family members were all brilliant businessmen. In all those years overseas, they were one of the most famous of the large financial groups, although they had never reached the top.

But the Qiao family had not been there for long enough and could not compare to the other large financial groups overseas, which had deeper roots. For the Qiao family to achieve so much in such a short time was already remarkable.

As the younger generation of the Qiao family gradually grew up, their talent in business became steadily more apparent. With a bit more time, they would certainly reach the top.

But the Huo family could not.

They were not as talented as the Qiao family in doing business. When they saw the Qiao family’s ingenuity, they decided to simply copy them.

The Qiao family was Chinese. When they were overseas, many of their business practices were different from those living overseas, so they imitated the Qiao family. Many other people might not be able to tell or think that it was normal for them to do things the same way since they were from the same country!

But in recent years, this method had not worked because the Qiao family had left!

After six years back in China, the Qiao family had moved its main business back to China and was expanding here. They maintained their overseas holdings, but to the Huo family, it was a disaster.

Over the past few years, their business losses grew. Later on, they grew short of funds. Last year, they had not managed to recover the money they had invested. If they had not met this mysterious man and obtained his help, who knew what would have happened to the Huo family?

They had intended to return to China to expand here, but they were still hesitant. However, Sir had requested them to return to China immediately. They did not have a large sum to invest, and Sir had provided the money.

Under these circumstances, they had to do whatever he asked them to do. If the Huo family did not do it properly, they could imagine what would happen to them.

Huo Tianning shrank back and moved aside. He did not dare to say anything.

This had been his mission, but he had failed.

"The two of you had better hurry up and think of a solution. You have to complete your task based on Sir’s wishes, or something terrible will befall the Huo family."

Huo Tianning was incompetent, but he was a good talker. Otherwise, he would not have hurt so many young girls overseas.

He hurriedly said, "Actually, Father, Eldest Brother’s methods will work. But Sir does not understand our intention. We want Mo Beihan and Gu Qingyao to divorce, but whether Gu Qingyao has an affair and abandons Mo Beihan, or whether Mo Beihan betrays Gu Qingyao, the result is the same. Or as you say, Sir wants to humiliate Mo Beihan by causing Gu Qingyao to betray him. But there is a prerequisite to all this, which is… something must affect their relationship."

Huo Lin was surprised!

Huo Tianning immediately sensed that his father was paying attention and he followed


"Think about it, Father! There is a process for everything. Sir wants us to get Gu Qingyao to abandon Mo Beihan and humiliate him. But the prerequisite must be that there must be something wrong with their relationship. Only then might Gu Qingyao do such a thing."

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