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Chapter: 1213

Chapter 1213 Chu Yi Falls Ill (3)

"Think about it, Father! Although women in China all rely on their men and will not dare to divorce for fear of affecting their reputation, who is Gu Qingyao? After all, she has the Gu family and the Qiao family to shield her. With such a high status, she will be bolder than other women. Even if she leaves Mo Beihan, she might still be able to remarry." "Under these circumstances, if Mo Beihan has another woman, will she be able to tolerate it? Even if she can tolerate it, it will certainly affect her mood. She will definitely be upset and aggrieved and will absolutely be angry and want to vent her temper. She will only do something like betray Mo Beihan if she is upset and disappointed with him."

Huo Tianxiang thought for a moment and hurriedly added, "That’s right, Father. That’s what I meant. No matter what, we have to destroy their relationship first. That is the only possibility. Mo Beihan is a man; it’s normal for him to have a few women. He can’t possibly stay faithful to Gu Qingyao all his life, right?"

"The moment something goes wrong with their relationship, it will be much easier to work on Gu Qingyao."

"Sir wants Mo Beihan to be humiliated. Actually, that means that as long as Gu Qingyao has an affair, it will be Mo Beihan who will be embarrassed. After all, in these times, it is normal for men to have affairs, but if a woman has an affair, her husband will definitely be humiliated."

Huo Lin thought about it and felt that it made sense. He hurriedly instructed them, "In that case, hurry up and deal with it. You must satisfy Sir."

The brothers exchanged looks, and Huo Tianning asked tentatively, "Father, that Sir… who is he?"

Huo Lin immediately frowned fiercely. "Why do you need to ask? Just do as you’re told!"

The brothers scurried off after their scolding.

In the study, Huo Lin grew morose.

Because he himself did not know who the man was.

At that time, the Huo family was in deep trouble and their finances had been severely disrupted. They urgently needed a large amount of money to carry on their business, but he could not get funding anywhere.

His competitors were waiting for him to go bankrupt!

At that moment, this mysterious man appeared and said that as long as he expanded in China, the man would provide him with adequate funding. The man would also help him with some matters in China.

He had been desperate, so he had agreed.

The man had kept his word. A large sum of money immediately appeared in their business accounts. The man had also provided the money needed for them to return to China.

He knew that this was a powerful person. To be able to provide so much money and resolve the Huo family’s problems overseas, and to do it so easily, showed how powerful he was.

If they could not even settle a small matter for a tycoon like that, Huo Lin did not dare to imagine what would happen to them.

In a luxurious villa in the city center, Chu Yi was lying in bed. The doctor by his bedside was examining him.

After a while, the doctor packed up his medical case and said, "Sir, your health really cannot tolerate the cold in the capital. You had better return to your island as soon as possible! Even if you stay here, it is better for you not to go outdoors. You cannot withstand the cold outside."

Chu Yi grew very irritated when he heard that. Hatred for Mo Beihan immediately surged!

His health had been poor in the past. There were rumors that he had a congenital illness, but it was not true. He had been badly injured when he was a child, and it had damaged his health causing him to be weak and sickly. But at that time, he had merely been weak and sickly. His condition was not as serious as it currently was.

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