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Chapter: 1214

Chapter 1214 Was There Enmity Between Him And The Medical Group? (1)

At that time, he could travel freely and go anywhere he pleased, as long as the environment was not too hostile. It was not like his situation now.

Now, though?

He could not even stand a little cold.

Chu Yi’s hatred for Mo Beihan deepened.

"I’ve suffered from so many injuries in my lifetime but never such severe ones. After seeking treatment for so many years, I still have not recovered completely, and my health has deteriorated. What are you doing?"

People with long-term ailments were generally bad-tempered.

Besides, Mo Beihan’s power had grown to terrifying proportions over the past few years. It was enough to frighten anyone. He could not stand it, but with his health, he did not have enough energy to work hard.

Chu Yi grew increasingly upset at the thought.

The doctor hung his head. Over the years, he had gradually gotten used to Chu Yi’s bad temper.

Considering the state of his heath, his bad temper was understandable.

"Sir, if you were originally healthy, the injuries would not be so severe. You would just need to recuperate for some time, then you would not have such severe chronic ailments. But you were already in poor health, and this made it worse. All your ailments that were previously suppressed emerged, and it is no wonder that your health was damaged from the combination of old and new injuries.

"But… if you take good care of yourself, you still have a chance to get better."

Chu Yi was furious. "How many years has it been? Get better? I’m clearly getting worse. And you dare to talk to me about recuperating? I’ll thank you if you keep me from dying!"

The doctor hung his head again and stopped speaking Actually, you’re right about one thing. With your health, you should thank me that you’re not dead yet. But he did not dare to say it out loud.

After a long pause, Chu Yi managed to suppress his rage. "Are there no other solutions? There are so many doctors in the world, but no one can cure me? I give all of you so much money every year. What’s the point of supporting


The doctor felt helpless. His employer had a bad temper and was especially difficult to deal with. But he was very rich!

He gave their laboratory so much money every year. When he thought about that, he could not get angry!

Sigh… He was so young and quite handsome. He was so powerful too. It would be… quite a pity if he died.

Besides, he was also a pitiful child. When he was young, he had been severely injured and had always been sickly after that. He had managed to survive, but who knew which demon had given him such a beating…

The doctor thought about it. He had been treating this man for a long time, and he knew his temperament and personality quite well. So he said, "Sir, your health is not in danger in the short term, so we have enough time to find a doctor who can cure you.

"My medical skills are already top-notch, and in the whole world, there are few who are superior to me. Sir, with me around, you don’t have to worry. Just take care of yourself. As long as you follow my instructions, your health will certainly improve."

But if you don’t follow them, then I can’t help


Chu Yi could read between the lines of what this old fellow was saying. His anger surged.

After interacting with him for so long, the old doctor was used to Chu Yi’s temper. Before he could explode, the doctor hurriedly said, "Sir, you must have faith in your future. Even if I cannot cure you, I am familiar with the medical world. I will do my best to find a doctor who can cure you."

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