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Chapter: 1215

Chapter 1215 Was There Enmity Between Him And Medical Groups? (2)

Chu Yi felt very frustrated.

The old doctor continued, "Sir, I have already tried all my methods on you. At present, I can only slowly improve your health and buy you more time to find a doctor who can cure you.

"Based on my knowledge of the medical world, those in the international medical groups are the most likely to be able to cure you. If you can manage to get the top team from a medical group to treat you, the likelihood of success is a little greater."

Chu Yi took a deep breath. He wanted to strangle this old fellow!

Medical group…

Damn it, why was there enmity between him and medical groups… "Also!" the old doctor continued, "Sir, I’ve heard that there are many ancient and mysterious medical skills in China. The traditional Chinese physicians here have mysterious abilities.

"In my many years in the medical field, I have seen many, many doctors from around the world. They are mostly modern doctors, and the Chinese call them Western physicians. In ancient China, there is an area of herbal medicine which could be quite amazing. "Although this place is very backward, and there are also many quacks in China who only deceive others, based on my information, there is a very skilled Chinese physician in an international medical group. I’ve heard that no one in that medical group can surpass him! If you can find that person, perhaps he can cure you!

"Besides! Chinese medicine is so incredible, and you have never tried their methods before. Since you are in the Chinese capital, why not try consulting a famous local doctor? Perhaps there will be an improvement?" Chu Yi remained silent for a long while before he took a deep breath. "All right, go away!"

The old doctor respectfully backed out of the room.

His subordinate glanced at Chu Yi and asked, "Sir, the old fellow is clearly trying to make excuses for himself. He even managed to find so many highfalutin reasons…" Chu Yi sighed. "Forget it. The old fellow likes to show off his little tricks. But what he says is true. He cannot cure me, but he can improve my health. "He’s just afraid that I will lose my temper and kill him, or afraid that I will get angry and refuse to provide his laboratory with funding. That bastard can’t cure me himself but keeps trying to give me hope. Sly fox!" The subordinate frowned. "He said that someone from the medical group might be able to cure you. Sir…"

Chu Yi interrupted him. "Forget it, it’s impossible. I’m their enemy. It’s enough if they don’t try to kill me, why would they cure me?

"Those old fellows would love to poison me if they ever saw me."

He had a long-standing enmity with those people in the medical group. But he had not done it on purpose. After all, he was a businessman and was only interested in fighting for his share. What grudge could he have against doctors? Why would he target a group of highly-skilled doctors for no reason?

But he had no choice. At that time, he had happened to offend them!

If not for that, he could have found a very skilled doctor to cure him when he was young.

After all, the international medical group was all-powerful in the medical circles of every country. Even if the international medical group had not instructed them, the top doctors would not treat him either. He had considered using extreme measures to grab a few doctors to treat him, but… they were doctors!

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