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Chapter: 1216

Chapter 1216 Was There Enmity Between Him And Medical Groups? (3)

They naturally commanded respect. Not everyone could understand medicine. No matter how intelligent and knowledgeable he was, he did not understand medicine at all.

Even if he managed to force a doctor to come here, would he dare to allow the person to treat him?

If the doctor tampered with his health, he would not even have a chance to regret it. He absolutely trusted that old fellow, which is why he had been allowed to remain at his side for so many years.

Chu Yi said, "Ask around and see if there is any brilliant Chinese physician like the old fellow mentioned. Since the Chinese physician in the medical group was from China, there must be other doctors here. Find a famous one and ask him to treat me."


The subordinate backed away. Chu Yi looked at the bed, where the medicine that the old doctor had prescribed was piled. He felt incredibly irritated. But he had no choice but to obediently get some water and take his medicine.

The medicine was very bitter. He did not want to ingest it at all.

After taking medicine for so many years, he truly detested the bitterness of the medicine. He dreamt of the day that he could recover fully. If his health was restored, he would not need to take medicine every day.

Mo Beihan…

The moment Chu Yi thought of that face, his heart was filled with hatred. He did not mind paying the ultimate price to avenge himself on Mo Beihan. Not even if it cost him his life.

The days slipped by. The Huo family was still thinking of ways to break up Mo Beihan and Gu Qingyao’s marriage. Meanwhile, they were frenziedly expanding the Huo family’s influence in the capital.

The Qiao family was Gu Qingyao’s family on her mother’s side. After expanding in the capital for so many years, they could be considered to be part of Mo Beihan’s power base. Of course Chu Yi could not be powerless.

The capital was Mo Beihan’s territory. If he wanted to deal with Mo Beihan, he must have a trump card on hand first.

At the Mo House. Feng Xun was reporting the results of his investigation to Mo Beihan.

"Boss, the Huo family ran into some trouble overseas. In the end, that mysterious person appeared and helped them avert the danger. That is probably the person behind the Huo family now."

Mo Beihan raised his brows. "What happened to the Huo family overseas?"

Feng Xun said, "They were trapped by a few other financial groups. They ran out of money and almost went bankrupt. In the end, someone helped them and gave them a large infusion of cash to tide them over.

"They’ve always relied on copying the Qiao family. Later, when the Qiao family moved its focus to China, the Huo family had trouble surviving. At first, they were ready to return to China to expand, but they knew how poor China was, so they were hesitating. "It must be the mastermind’s plan for them to come over now. After all, the Huo family had just averted danger overseas, and their situation is still unstable! They had no reason to come to China now and open up new markets. The risk is too great!"

Mo Beihan smiled. "Have you found out who the mastermind is?"

Feng Xun paused. "Not really. But… it probably isn’t one of the French financial groups. Everyone knew when the major financial groups collaborated to bring down the Huo family. Who would dare to make an enemy of those huge financial groups and rescue something as useless as the Huo family?

"The person… must be very powerful. He’s probably like you, a tycoon of international importance. Since he is attacking you, of course… he is most likely to be your enemy."

Mo Beihan immediately laughed. "That’s right, he is indeed my enemy. Who else would be so absurd as to come to a place like China to cause trouble for me? "The market here is not yet mature. Even for me, most of my businesses are still overseas. Does he have nothing better to do than to come here and cause trouble for me?"

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