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Chapter: 1219

Chapter 1219 Only Miss Gu Can Cure You (2)

Mo Beihan thought for a while and said, "Send me all the information about their property business and their house."


Feng Xun swiftly sent Mo Beihan all the information that he had requested. After Mo Beihan read it, he asked for all the information on the Huo family, especially the Huo family’s activities after they arrived in the capital. He wanted to know everything.

The weather slowly turned warmer. Chu Yi remained in the capital and his days were more tolerable now. Spring was here, and the flowers were blooming. His health had improved greatly, but he regretted that he was still unable to find a famous doctor who could cure him.

Vengeance on Mo Beihan might be important, but finding a cure for himself was even more important.

His subordinate arrived to report on his findings.

"Sir, I have inquired about many famous doctors here. Currently, there are many reputable Chinese physicians in the capital. Some of them work in major hospitals. I have contacted all of them.

"Besides them, the two most famous are the Old Master and Old Madam of the Qin family. Old Madam Qin, Jiang Yiru, used to be a famous doctor in Jiangnan. She comes from a family famous for their medical skills and many people in the capital have attested to her abilities. Old Master Qin is her husband, and his skills are on par with hers.

"Besides them, the Old Madam of the Qiao family is also very famous. But the three of them are old and seldom see patients. Based on my information, when they were still treating patients a few years ago, they managed to solve many difficult and complicated cases.

"The three of them all have something in common…"

"What’s that?" Chu Yi asked impatiently.

"The three of them are all related to Gu Qingyao. Jiang Yiru used to teach Miss Gu when she was in China. Miss Gu is her last disciple. Old Madam Qiao is Miss Gu’s grandmother."

Chu Yi: "…"

Why was he always so unlucky?

Why did he run into this husband and wife everywhere?

In his time in the capital, he truly suffered greatly. This damned place was just too cold!

But the more he suffered, the more he refused to admit defeat. He did not want to lose to Mo Beihan. He did not want to leave this place, still in poor health.

During this time, he found some famous local doctors to treat him. He had not sought out too many doctors but had chosen the more famous ones. He was afraid that if he was too conspicuous, it would attract Mo Beihan’s attention. After all, this was Mo Beihan’s territory. But none of them could help him. This was not the first time he had heard of Jiang Yiru. A few of the doctors he had consulted had also mentioned her. They said that if he managed to get Jiang Yiru to treat him, there might be hope. "Are these three people very difficult to consult?"

His subordinate replied, "Yes. Dr Jiang does not accept new cases. She is really old, and her eyes and mind are failing. Treating people and saving lives are important matters and need rigor and precision. She is afraid of making a mistake.

"Old Master Qin is slightly older than Dr Jiang, and his situation is similar. Old Madam Qiao is in the same boat."

The three of them were really old now. It was time they retired.

After working hard all their lives, they wanted to spend their remaining years enjoying themselves. If any patients sought them out, they usually recommended them to Gu Qingyao. Jiang Yiru would occasionally see a patient, but only occasionally. It was no mean feat to be able to consult these three people. With the Mo family and the Gu family to protect them, no one dared to threaten these three old folks. Over the past few years, Gu Qingyao had treated all the patients who had sought them out, and the results had been just as good.

Almost all the patients seeking treatment had been cured. Under these circumstances, no one dared to offend these three old folks.

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