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Chapter: 1220

Chapter 1220 Only Miss Gu Can Cure You (3)

After all, if they offended them, Gu Qingyao probably would not take their case.

They would be foolish to offend such a young and skilled physician!

Chu Yi felt terrible!

"You mean to say that if I want to be cured, I have no choice but to seek out Gu Qingyao?"

The subordinate did not dare to say anything. He hung his head. He did not dare to reply.

Who would have expected his boss’s most bitter enemy’s wife to be the only one who could save him?

Chu Yi refused to accept it. "No, I cannot look for Gu Qingyao. If Gu Qingyao finds out about my illness, Mo Beihan will be able to identify me soon after that.

"Then, there’s no need to talk about a cure. Mo Beihan will probably get Gu Qingyao to poison me!

"Gu Qingyao must never find out about this. Think of a way to persuade Dr Jiang and Dr Qiao. Of the two families, which is Gu Qingyao closer to? Probably the Qiaos?"

The subordinate was not stupid. Of course, he understood his boss’s meaning. He pitied his boss a little!

"S-Sir… Dr Jiang is only Miss Gu’s teacher. Madam Qiao is Miss Gu’s grandmother. Based on kinship, Miss Gu is naturally closer to the Qiao family."

Chu Yi did not even have time to take a breath when the subordinate continued, "But…"

"But what?"

"But Dr Jiang is Miss Gu’s teacher. Miss Gu is her last disciple. Whenever Dr Jiang encounters a patient, she will almost always take him on and… pass the case to Miss Gu…"

As he spoke, the subordinate’s voice trailed off. He did not dare to look at Chu Yi’s expression.

Chu Yi: "…"

He was speechless. These two were opposing him again?

Mo Beihan, I swear I’ll have my revenge!

Chu Yi took a deep breath. "If there is really no choice, then we have to consider the medical group. We are indeed enemies, but there must be a few doctors who need money. I’m not enemies with all of them. Pay close attention and see whether you can bribe a few useful ones. Spend whatever you need to." The subordinate knew that this was rather impossible, but at the moment, he did not dare to argue with Sir. He was afraid that after this blow, Sir would crack and shoot him!

The subordinate nodded and immediately went off to attend to it.

Days passed, and the weather grew warmer.

During this time, Mo Beihan found out everything about the Huo family. Mo Beihan laughed when he contrasted it with what had happened overseas.

Little One had been playing with a puzzle, but when he saw his father laugh, he shrank back. Oh no. His daddy was certainly plotting against someone!

He wondered which unlucky fellow it was.

Mo Beihan glanced at Little One. "Yang Yang, go play with your mother."

Mo Yang thought for a while and said smilingly, "Father, are you going to do something important? Then… teach me! I want to be influenced by you from a young age, and I want you to teach me, both in words and deeds. That way, after a while, I will quickly grow to be as capable as you. Don’t you agree?"

Mo Beihan raised his brows. "That does seem to make sense!"

Mo Yang’s eyes lit up. "Then I’ll stay! I won’t say a word. I’ll just quietly watch Father teach bad people a lesson. All right?"

Mo Beihan laughed. "How do you know I’m going to teach bad people a lesson?"

"Hehehe!" Little One laughed rather sneakily. "Every time you smile like that, it means someone’s going down!" Mo Beihan: "…"

Feng Xun: "…"

Qing Lin: "…"

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