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Chapter: 1222

Chapter 1222 Poor Chu Yi, So Pitiful (1)

Qiao Xinming said thoughtfully, "You mean that you will get rid of all hindrances, but in the end, you will give the entire Huo family to me? Mo Beihan, don’t you want it?" Mo Beihan laughed and said, "Yao Yao planned to give this to her older cousins. Why would I want it? Besides, I don’t really understand how the Huo family is managed. If I rush into taking over this financial group, I won’t have enough manpower." Qiao Xinming kept quiet.

The Huo family was still a large financial group. Mo Beihan already had all this information at hand, he could easily snatch it for himself. It was clear from his tone that he had the power to crush the Huo family.

He would remove all external hindrances and provide all the internal information so that he, Qiao Xinming, could reap the benefits. For him to give away such a large financial group was really… bold!

"Mo Beihan, you’re really capable! No wonder you’ve won the respect of my proud cousin all these years."

Gu Qingyao’s status was so high, and her relatives were all extremely capable. Of course she was very lofty and proud.

But for so many years, she had been absolutely faithful to Mo Beihan. It was not without reason.

Mo Beihan smiled, "Since you’ve agreed, I’ll get someone to send you the information."

Mo Beihan hung up after completing his discussion with Qiao Xinming.

It was just the Huo family. It was beneath him!

His wife was already eyeing them and was making plans with her older cousins to add them to the Qiao business. If he cut in, wouldn’t that embarrass his Yao Yao?

He would not touch ten Huo families, much less one Huo family.

Mo Beihan said to Qing Lin, "Send the information to Qiao Xinming. He will know what to do."

Then he instructed Feng Xun, "Get someone to settle the French side. Find someone to block those financial groups who are eyeing the Huo family.

"Also, cause some trouble for Chu Yi. Destroy the European coastal business. Since he has so much money, make him spend it!"

Feng Xun’s mouth twitched!

Poor Mr Ill. You are about to be unlucky again! This time he might vomit blood and drop dead! Mo Beihan and Qiao Xinming acted in concert, targeting the Huo family’s overseas business. It was natural that the Huo family was unable to cope.

The Huo Financial Group was already in a precarious state and was internally unstable. Also, they were so much less powerful than Mo Beihan. They just could not compare. When the Huo family in China heard the news, Huo Lin was completely shocked!

"Father, this… What should we do? Say something!"

Huo Tianning was also panicking. His playboy lifestyle could only continue if the Huo family survived!

"Father, Second Brother definitely cannot cope by himself over there. You had better make a trip back and see for yourself! Besides, there are many…. over there. I doubt they will listen to Second Brother."

Many what?

Illegitimate sons of course!

They all wanted to fight for the Huo family fortune. Now that the Huo family was in danger, it was a good opportunity for them to make some money.

The Huo family had just too many illegitimate sons. For everyone to have a share of the financial group was impossible. With so many competitors, the legitimate sons had to find a way to eliminate the illegitimate sons, so many of them did not care if the Huo family lived or died. All they wanted was some money in hand.

There were some who rejoiced if the legitimate sons did not do well!

After all, if the legitimate sons were incompetent, then no one would harm them. They could grab the money and run. They could enjoy their lives!

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