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Chapter: 1223

Chapter 1223 Poor Chu Yi, So Pitiful (2)

"How dare they!" Huo Lin stormed. "Those beasts. The Huo family supports them. Without the Huo family’s backing, would they have such carefree lives?"

Huo Tianxiang kept quiet. Huo Tianning bit his lip. "Father, let’s not talk about that now. We had better think of a way to help Second Brother! Our main business is overseas. If we lose our business in France, then… what will we have left?"

The Huo family had only just returned to China, and most of their enterprises here had not yet matured. They were still building their factory. One might say that everything was still at the initial investment stage.

If their overseas businesses had a problem now, that would cut off their funding here. They would have no money to invest here anymore.

Everything would be wasted!

Their only hope was that man?

Huo Lin felt uncertain. After all, he had not interacted much with that man. He had not even seen his face. Since Gu Qingyao and Mo Beihan’s matter was not yet settled, Huo Lin was not sure that he would help them out. "But I can’t leave. If I leave now, what will happen to our China side? Sir is still there. What if he finds out that our overseas business has run into trouble? He will certainly blame us for being useless.

"Once Sir is disappointed in us, we would have lost our last hope."

Huo Tianxiang said rather coldly, "Then what should we do? Qiao Xinming has personally taken a hand in this matter. Those major financial groups who were prepared to split us up between them are all in trouble now. They probably can’t be bothered with us now. Such timing is too much of a coincidence. Once Qiao Xinming succeeds, he will take the Huo family for himself."

"Impossible!" Huo Lin raged.

"What’s impossible?" Huo Tianxiang said, "Father, don’t forget that we almost went bankrupt before we came back to China. If Sir had not helped us, the Huo family would have ceased to exist long ago." This group had been on the brink of bankruptcy. But they had managed to survive because someone had provided an infusion of money. Now they were in danger again, but they were already very weak because they had not yet recovered.

After they had taken Sir’s money, Sir had requested that they return to China. They had not had the time to do much in China.

For Qiao Xinming to strike now was certainly the best time.

"Father, you had better go back yourself! The Huo family is such a big financial group that it’s not unusual to have some problems. After all, you’re the head of the Huo family. You’re expected to go back and take charge of the situation. Second Brother is all alone over there, how can he manage?

"Our main business is overseas, so that’s our only backup plan. Father, only you can settle the problems over there. We’ve only just started in China, and this is just an initial investment. Third Brother and I can keep an eye on things here.

"If that man has any instructions, Third Brother and I will do our best to fulfill them. Besides, he hasn’t given us any special tasks for a long time, just the one about destroying Gu Qingyao and Mo Beihan’s marriage. Third Brother and I will carry on. You should hurry back and settle things as quickly as possible so you can come back soon."

Go back!

Once you go back, I will hold the reins of power in China.

The business overseas was already severely damaged. Also, Second Brother had been running things during this period. Even if he went back, he would not gain much. He was more interested in this extravagant man than in their overseas business!

Huo Tianxiang was a very ambitious person. When the Huo family ran into trouble previously, he was well aware of how much power and how many measures were needed to settle matters. This man was definitely a very powerful tycoon.

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