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Chapter: 1285

She was ‘Young Madam Mo’ in name, but in private, her life was worse than that of a servant. She was like a slave to the Mo family. She ate the worst food and lived in the most dilapidated house. She did all kinds of manual labor every day!

This villa was like a jail, and Bai Youran was completely trapped inside.

Bai Youran knelt on the floor, her face covered with tears. She had had enough! She was going mad!

"It’s my fault! It’s all my fault. Mo Beihan, please, please let me off! Please, please let me off! I promise I will never dare to do it again. Really, I will never dare to do it again!"

Mo Beihan sat in his chair, smiling maliciously!

"You can’t even stand this?"

It was just a little hard labor. She was just doing a servant’s work while holding a noble title and being mocked by the servants and she couldn’t take it any longer?

When Yao Yao was being mocked and jeered at by all the noblewomen in the capital in her last life, how had she survived?

He remembered it clearly. In her previous life, Yao Yao had been jeered at by so many people, and Bai Youran led the way.

Bai Youran was kneeling as she looked at the man in front of her. She used to think he was a god. Now, she thought he was the devil.

Mo Beihan got up and said coolly and mercilessly, "If you want to live, you had better be good and stay here. Don’t dream of getting that mother of yours to rescue you. Now she thinks you caused the death of her biological daughter. You’ll be fortunate if she doesn’t kill you!

"You had better stay here. Don’t think about leaving in this lifetime!"

The sound of his leather shoes striking the floor gradually vanished. Bai Youran slumped on the ground in despair. She did not even have the energy to cry.

Mo Beihan left the dim little room. He walked to the exterior balcony and looked down from the second floor. Outside was a sea of flowers, blooming in the huge garden. Rare and valuable plants could be seen everywhere, clearly demonstrating the grandeur of a rich and noble family.

Now Jiang Hongying and Mo Yunhao did not dare to oppose him at all. They stayed there obediently. At first, Mo Yunhao tried to protect Bai Youran when he tortured her, but later on, he gradually gave up.

When she found out that he detested Bai Youran, Jiang Hongying even vented her anger toward her. She hoped to torture Bai Youran to death so that her son could marry another girl from a noble family.

As for the Bai family, Old Master Bai had passed away, and Bai Fei was still too immature. He could not defeat Mo Beihan.

Zheng Min, who used to be Bai Youran’s mother, now hated Bai Youran to the core and did not care about her at all.

At least, the Bai family continued to cover up and said that Bai Youran had a good life in the Mo villa.

Zhang Xiaohui had thrown away Zheng Min’s daughter, and although they could not find out where the child had gone or if she survived, he could manufacture evidence.

Mo Beihan especially manufactured evidence to make Zheng Min believe that the baby girl was already dead. Now Zheng Min loathed Bai Youran.

Mo Beihan looked at the luxurious and exquisite garden. In order to put his grandfather’s mind to rest, he especially chose an exceptionally luxurious and splendid villa for Mo Wei and his family. He spared the lives of his own relatives, so Old Master Mo had not interfered at all.

During the time Bai Youran lived here, he could do as he pleased!

He wanted Bai Youran to have a noble title and live in the most splendid villa but have the most ignoble existence. He wanted her to live the rest of her life in despair!

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