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Chapter: 1286

Four years later, at the entrance of Bejing University. Mu Mu, Mo Chengxi, had driven here and was waiting for someone. Zhong Bingyuan emerged, carrying her school bag. She looked rather teary at the sight of the familiar car.

When Mo Chengxi saw her, he opened the door of the front passenger seat for her and then drove off.

"You’ve had so many classes in the morning. Are you tired? What would you like to eat?"

Zhong Bingyuan was already in her fourth year of university and was graduating soon. She had almost no lessons, but today was an exception. She had had a busy morning.

Mo Chengxi knew about it.

Zhong Bingyuan lowered her head. She seemed to be feeling low. "Anything! I’m not very hungry?"

Mo Chengxi frowned. "It’s already afternoon, and you’re not hungry? What’s the matter with you? Did someone bully you?"

His tone clearly showed that he was prepared to get even with someone.

Zhong Bingyuan hurriedly said. "No, don’t misunderstand. No one bullied me. I…"

She thought for a while but did not know where to start.

They arrived at a restaurant, and Mo Chengxi ordered her favorite dishes. Zhong Bingyuan looked at the food but did not feel like eating.

"I… when I graduate I want to find a job…"

When Mo Chengxi heard that, he said, "Didn’t we agree that you would do your internship with me? Have you changed your mind?"

He had waited for so many years for this girl to graduate from university. He would worry if she went anywhere else.

He had matured over the years, and the markets had also opened up. Many of Mo Beihan’s enterprises were beginning to expand into China. Mo Chengxi was so smart that Mo Beihan would never let him off.

Now, Mo Chengxi not only had his own business but was also secretly helping Mo Beihan to take care of many matters.

To others, he was an extremely successful, rich young man. He was from an excellent family and was a fine young man!

At the mention of this, Zhong Bingyuan said helplessly, "It’s my mother…"

She thought that her mother was really eccentric. It was impossible to communicate with her.

Mo Chengxi’s hand paused. "Does Aunt object to you doing your internship with me?"

Over the past few years, his intentions towards Zhong Bingyuan had become abundantly clear. Yuan Yuan got along well with him, and the elders in both families approved.

To the Zhong family, it was definitely a good thing if this Young Master Mo wanted to marry their granddaughter.

For one, the Zhong family watched him grow up and knew him very well. Secondly, his family background was superior to that of the Zhongs. Besides, he was already very accomplished at a young age and did not have any bad habits. Among the talented youths in the capital, he was definitely one of the best.

Under these circumstances, if Zhong Bingyuan herself was willing, then of course the Zhong family was willing.

Only Zhong Bingyuan’s mother, Zheng Lin, disliked him and seemed to object violently to Yuan Yuan being with him.

Zhong Bingyuan felt very wronged at the mention of this. She really did not understand. Her Brother Mo was so nice to her and was such an exceptional young man. Most normal parents would rejoice.

Why did her mother hate Brother Mo so much?

"It’s not that Mother doesn’t want me to do an internship with you. She… doesn’t want me to work at all."

Mo Chengxi’s expression was rather ugly. "Does she still think like that? That you are exposing yourself?"

This woman, Zheng Lin, was rather odd. Or perhaps one might say she was old-fashioned! Sometimes she was especially modern and said that her thinking had evolved!

At other times, she was frighteningly old-fashioned.

She was especially unreasonable when it came to her daughter, Zhong Bingyuan!

She always objected to Yuan Yuan working and being seen in public. Her only hope was that Yuan Yuan would marry early, support her husband and raise her sons and be an elegant matron of an important family!

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