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Chapter: 1287

Zhong Bingyuan nodded, her eyes teary!

"Brother Mo, I really can’t communicate with her. I… I really dare not intern with you. Recently, Mother’s response to this matter has become increasingly extreme. I’m afraid that if I really work with you, she will make a fuss at your office. That will be so embarrassing! I… I had better not go!"

Mo Chengxi frowned and disagreed. "No way. We already agreed that you would keep me company. I’ll worry if you go anywhere else. I can teach you anything you want to learn, but if you go somewhere else, you will just be an ordinary greenhorn. You won’t know anything. They’ll bully you."

Zhong Bingyuan lowered her head. She did not dare to say anything else. Her mother did many other things that were even more extreme. She had not even mentioned them!

"But I’m really afraid my mother will create a fuss at your office. That will be so embarrassing! Why don’t… why don’t I stay away for now. Anyway, it’s just an internship. It doesn’t matter where I do it. I’m not looking for a cradle-to-grave job, but my mother doesn’t understand. I… I’ll find opportunities to persuade her. All right?"

Mo Chengxi was so intelligent. Of course, he could tell that Zhong Bingyuan was in a tight spot.

Her tone was clearly pleading. She was hiding something from him.

Mo Chengxi did not make things difficult for her but smiled and said, "Fine, don’t stress yourself out over this. Do whatever you like. I wanted you to come to my company because I was worried that someone would bully you. If I’m not with you, you must remember to be more careful. If someone bullies you, remember to complain to me. Do you understand?"

Zhong Bingyuan had not expected Mo Chengxi to agree so quickly. She sighed in relief and said thankfully, "I know, I know, I will take good care of myself. Thank you, Brother Mo!"

Mo Chengxi did not pursue the matter and Zhong Bingyuan relaxed and began to eat.

Mo Chengxi did not bring it up again but focused on eating with her. After dinner, he sent her back.

There were no classes in the afternoon, and Mo Chengxi intended to send Zhong Bingyuan back home. But when they were halfway there, Zhong Bingyuan wanted to alight. She said she wanted to buy some things, and since she was almost at the Zhong House, she asked Mo Chengxi to drive back first.

Mo Chengxi could already see Zheng Lin in the distance. He did not react but smiled at Zhong Bingyuan. When he saw her tense little face, he gently agreed.

"I do have something I have to do, so I shall go first. When you’ve finished buying your things, hurry up and go home. It’s rather hot out here."

Zhong Bingyuan nodded. "I know, don’t worry!"

Zhong Bingyuan only relaxed when Mo Chengxi drove away. But her face fell when she turned and saw Zheng Lin walking towards her.

"Yuan Yuan, didn’t I ask you to come home earlier this afternoon? Why are you so late? Who drove you back?"

Zheng Lin looked grim as she watched the black car disappear in the distance.

Zhong Bingyuan said angrily, "I’ve already told you that I have a boyfriend and I won’t see anyone else. What do you mean by this? Have you brought him here?"

Today, Zheng Lin had arranged for a matchmaking session for her daughter. Zhong Bingyuan knew about it, but she had not agreed to it. When she saw Zheng Lin standing there, Zhong Bingyuan knew that there would be trouble. She was afraid that Mo Chengxi would find out, so she had gotten out of the car earlier.

Mo Chengxi had always been good to her. If he found out about it, she would be too humiliated to face him.

Zheng Lin frowned and said angrily, "What boyfriend? Since when have I agreed to let you have a boyfriend? Let me tell you, the Mo family is not suitable for you. You are not to see him again."

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