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Chapter: 1289

When he got back to the Mo house, he entered the living room only to see little Mo Yang sitting there, gnawing on a lamb chop with his two little greasy paws.

Mo Yang smiled when he saw Mo Chengxi. "Fourth Cousin, you’re finally back! I have big news for you. Do you want to hear it?"

Mo Chengxi raised his brows. "What?"

"Fourth Cousin-in-law’s mother has dragged her off for a matchmaking session. The boy is from a family of scholars. He’s very handsome and gentle and has an elegant air. Oh, to say it plainly, he’s the girly sort. Do you want to go and grab Fourth Cousin-in-law back? Do you need help?"

Mo Chengxi’s brows raised even higher. This had just happened, and he had sent someone to investigate on the spot. But Mo Yang was at home. How did he know about it?

He even had news about the other party!

"How do you know all these things?"

Mo Yang smiled rather smugly. "Of course I know. My top secret agent just told me the news. It’s definitely first-hand information. They’ll probably still be at the restaurant!"

"As for the boy. Sigh… it’s hard to explain. Anyway, I don’t like him, but Cousin-in-law’s mother will probably like him. He’s very bookish and a scholar. He comes from a family of scholars… to speak plainly, they’re poor and dreadfully lofty."

Mo Chengxi lowered his eyes. "I also wanted to rush over immediately, but I was worried I would embarrass your cousin-in-law. I’ve protected her all these years and taught her so many things. She already thinks that she is in my debt and is of not much help to me. Now her mother has made such a mess. It makes her even more reluctant to tell me. If I were to go over, she will just feel that she has failed me."

Mo Yang gnawed on his lamb chop and sighed. "Sigh… Cousin-in-law loves you too much, that’s why she feels that she is in your debt and has failed you. Anyone else with someone like you, a wealthy man from a rich family to dote on her and give her everything she wants, would be thinking of ways to marry you and give you a son so she can tie you down and be a rich matron!"

Mo Chengxi glanced at him. This brat was such a smooth talker, but his words were always so soothing!

Mo Yang pushed the lamb chops towards Mo Chengxi. "Here! My mother grilled them herself! They’re so fragrant! It took me a lot of effort to snatch this little bit from my father. He’s always so jealous. If I hadn’t acted fast, he would have taken them all without leaving me a single piece."

Mo Yang felt rather helpless. His father loved to stick to his mother all the time, even after he had grown up. To his father, his wife was his most beloved. His son was incidental!

Sigh… Fortunately, his mother doted on him!

Mo Chengxi also smiled when he saw the lamb chops.

But he had too many things on his mind and did not eat too much. Aunt’s grilled lamb chops were the most fragrant and he also started gnawing on one.

As he chewed, he exchanged news with the prodigy sitting opposite him.

"You said that you know who the man is? Yang Yang, your information network is pretty good! It just happened, and you already know about it. That’s quite efficient!"

Mo Yang’s mouth was all greasy, and with his pretty little face, he really looked like an innocent child. But his eyes were incredibly shrewd!

"Hehe! Of course. My father personally groomed me. My intelligence network is the best. They called me just now. They happened to be eating at that restaurant and saw Cousin-in-law being dragged in, so they immediately used the restaurant phone to call me.

"I have a little friend who has gone to gather information. It’s a coincidence, but I know him. When I was on holiday in the south two years ago, I ran into him. Anyway… I think he’s rather eccentric. Probably Cousin-in-law’s mother will like a person like that."

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