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Chapter: 1290

Mo Yang had always been unusually bold and was very intelligent. Mo Beihan had groomed him carefully.

Although he was very young, he started traveling to broaden his experiences several years ago.

He had gone traveling when he was seven years old, and Mo Beihan and Gu Qingyao brought him. He had not had enough fun, so he had gone by himself the next year. Mo Beihan just sent someone along to protect him.

He thought that if a child went traveling, he would miss home even if he had plenty of money to spend. But to his surprise, this fellow had gone wild. He did not want to come home at all. But no matter where he went, he always remembered to send some local delicacies back to Gu Qingyao.

The little fellow’s travels increased his knowledge significantly. He made many notes, and when he returned home, he told his little friends about his experiences and had gained a large following.

Mo Chengxi’s hand paused. "You know him? What’s his background?"

Mo Yang said, "His name is Su Yuwen, and he’s a southerner. He has had some interactions with Cousin-in-law’s grandparent’s family. His family are all scholars, and they are considered to be a literary family. But later on, their family fortunes declined, and they lost all their fortune!

"You know what happened to all the scholars in the past. At that time, the Su family did not have much, but they were very lofty. So during that era, they were very unlucky.

"In that way, they grew even poorer. Later on, he went to university, and the entire Su family placed their hopes for the future on him. They see in him the hope of carrying on the Su family’s literary tradition. Scholars… hehe, they are rather lofty and old-fashioned. Especially the Su family. Anyway, I disliked them, but Cousin-in-law’s mother is different. She came from a literary family too, and she likes this type of people!"

When Mo Yang saw Mo Chengxi’s dark expression, he immediately laughed. "Haha! Speechless? To think that you, the Fourth Young Master of the Mo Family, a fine and handsome young man, and most importantly, with excellent family background, actually lost to a person like that… Hahahaha!"

Mo Chengxi ground his teeth!

"What are you laughing about? Why are you so happy?"

Gu Qingyao was just coming down the stairs when she heard the little fellow laughing so happily. Considering it was Mo Chengxi, she thought that the boy must be being naughty.

Mo Yang grew increasingly intelligent with age. His older cousins all doted on him, so the brat grew increasingly bolder and even dared to make fun of his older cousins.

In recent years, he was not even afraid of Mo Chengxi, who was the most intelligent.

When Mo Yang saw his mother come down the stairs, he immediately rushed over and tried to hug her around the waist. "Mother, have you woken up from your nap?"

His hands were still greasy from the lamb chops, so he held his palms outwards so as not to touch Gu Qingyao’s clothes.

Mo Beihan came from behind and pushed him away from Gu Qingyao. "Look at the state you’re in. Don’t dirty your mother’s clothes."

Mo Yang glanced at him and remembered there was still an uneaten lamb chop on the table, so he hurried back. He only relaxed when he ate the last lamb chop.

His mother grilled these herself. If he didn’t eat it, Father would probably snatch it from him.

Gu Qingyao was used to the way this father-son duo interacted, so she ignored them and sat apart from them to ask Mo Chengxi, "Mu Mu, was he laughing at you just now?"

Mo Yang pouted. "I didn’t mean to. Mother, Sister Yuan’s mother has dragged her off to a matchmaking session. I heard that Sister Yuan is very angry. We’re still waiting for more concrete information!

"Fourth Cousin is so outstanding, but his future mother-in-law despises him. What terrible luck!"

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