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Chapter: 1292

Mo Chengxi had finished gnawing the last lamb chop, and now he raised his head and looked at Mo Chengxi. "Then what will you do? Fourth Cousin, with your personality, surely you won’t allow that aunt to ruin your girlfriend like that? Why not… destroy the Su family. Who asked him to be so ignorant as to have designs on our Mo family’s Young Madam!"

Mo Beihan gulped and glanced at his son.

Hey, brat, your mother is here! Can’t you be more discreet?

Gu Qingyao looked at her son and raised her brows. "Destroy? What arrogance! Who taught you that?"

Mo Yang immediately shrank back and laughed abashedly. "Hehe! I… Darling was just joking. Mother, I’m a very good boy!"

But Mo Beihan was laughing. He suddenly remembered that when Yao Yao was young and she wanted to do something naughty, she would earnestly tell him that she was a very good girl!

Gu Qingyao looked at the boy. She could not be bothered with him.

After so many years, she naturally knew her son very well.

This brat was very intelligent, and his father had naturally passed on all his savage genes to his son. The boy had been very bloodthirsty from a young age.

When he was young, she hoped that her son would be an ordinary boy and have a carefree childhood. But who knew, Mo Beihan had secretly led him astray!

The problem was that this child enjoyed being led astray.

After so long, she just did not bother any longer.

Her son could do as he pleased. Anyway, she and Mo Beihan could protect him. Even if her son made a leap for the heavens, he would be fine!

Sometimes, she said that Mo Beihan spoilt their son and understood him better, but Gu Qingyao was not far behind.

As a mother, she had not wanted her son to come into contact with too many dark things when he was small. But it turned out that her son was not a simple person.

Her natural protective instinct and power were no less than Mo Beihan’s. As long as her son liked something, she would do her best to fulfill it!

Mo Chengxi smiled and said, "Actually, Yuan Yuan is the crux. Zheng Lin would not be able to stop us if I wanted to marry Yuan Yuan. But Yuan Yuan is still young and is in no hurry to marry. That’s… what worries me."

Gu Qingyao immediately laughed!

"She’s just graduated from university. It’s natural that she wants to work for a while! Mu Mu! Looks like you will have to wait! How many years have you waited already? Have you grown impatient?"

Mo Beihan casually shared his experience, "Actually! Marriage does not need to delay your career! Neither does your career need to delay your marriage, right?

"Besides! Even if you’re not married, that doesn’t stop you from being together! What era is this…"

Gu Qingyao’s sentence stopped Mo Beihan short.

"Does anyone lead children astray like that?"

Mo Yang batted his eyes and looked at his parents. "Father, what you said just now… did you manage to cheat Mother into being with you before you got married?"

She was glaring at Mo Beihan furiously.

Mo Beihan saw his wife’s murderous look and laughed abashedly, "Your mother and I knew each other when we were very young. Your mother was engaged to me when she was in her teens. It’s different for your Fourth Cousin!"

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