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Chapter: 1306

This Mo Tower did not represent all the Mo family’s holdings in the capital. One might say that this was just a small, superficial portion.

The Mo family’s standard of living showed that they had always been very rich. Mo Beihan had built Mo Tower to fool the public.

In the eyes of the people in the capital, the Mo fortune came from its family riches. Everyone thought that the Mo family made its money in business and Mo Chengxi was the manager.

That was a big part of the reason why Mo Chengxi was considered to be an accomplished young man and held such high status.

Many people assumed that since Mo Chengxi was currently managing Mo Group, he was the most favored grandson in the Mo family and had the brightest future.

It was now the 1990s. The capital was much more prosperous now and increasingly modernized.

Mo Chengxi held Zhong Bingyuan’s hand and led her through the door. When the people lining the hall saw them, they all bowed and greeted them. This was Zhong Bingyuan’s first time seeing Mo Chengxi in this kind of setting.

Mo Chengxi brought her to his office. Zhong Bingyuan’s heart thumped when she saw his elegant and simple office.

At that moment, his secretary entered to remind him that it was time for his meeting. The senior officials were all waiting in the meeting room.

Mo Chengxi took some documents and said, "Add a chair for Madam. She will be listening in on this meeting."

They all knew that their boss had a girlfriend. They also knew that she was probably this Miss Zhong. But to bring her directly to the meeting room and refer to her as ‘Madam’ was rather inappropriate?

"Didn’t you hear me?" Mo Chengxi’s tone was rather frosty.

"Ah! No, no, I’ll go now."

The secretary jumped with fright and scurried off to make arrangements.

Zhong Bingyuan was terrified. "You… you are going to attend a meeting. It… it won’t be nice if I attend?"

Mo Chengxi had already gotten what he needed, and he came over to take her hand. He pacified her, "What’s not nice about it? You can take the opportunity to have a look and learn how to deal with these people and these situations. Think of it as a learning experience."

At first, Mo Chengxi had felt that with his position in the Mo family, his woman did not need to be too clever or perhaps one should say she did not need to be exposed to too much, too early.

The Mo family had his aunt hold the fort. The children were still young. They would date when they were ready.

Yuan Yuan was still young. Since her family was well-off, there was no need to learn too much too early. There was nothing wrong with a little innocence.

But this incident had made him realize that girls like his aunt, who were straightforward but could handle a situation with finesse, found it easier to survive.

Yuan Yuan did not have a mother to teach her, so it was left to him, her boyfriend, to teach her.

Everyone was shocked when Mo Chengxi brought Zhong Bingyuan into the meeting room.

Their boss always handled matters firmly and forcefully. Although he was young, his methods were ruthless. He had been personally groomed by the head of the Mo family. Of course he was exceptional!

But their boss had never done anything to cross the line. Why was he bringing his girlfriend to the meeting room today?

Zhong Bingyuan felt rather nervous when she saw this group of stern-looking people dressed in suits. Mo Chengxi pulled a chair next to him for her to sit down. He did not permit her to sit at the back, but at his side.

Zhong Bingyuan saw that everyone was looking at her oddly. "I… I had better sit further back!"

"No need. Sit here." Mo Chengxi placed a book in front of Zhong Bingyuan. "Here’s a book. Take notes!"

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