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Chapter: 1309

Of course Gu Qingyao considered her Mu Mu’s marriage to be of great importance. So she discussed it with Mo Beihan and let the Zhong family know, then they picked an auspicious date and brought presents to visit the family and propose marriage.

The head of the Mo family and his wife graced the Zhong house and brought presents that more than honored the Zhong family.

Today, the Zhong house had been specially decorated. In order to welcome Gu Qingyao and Mo Beihan, it had been cleaned thoroughly both inside and outside. In fact, many pieces of furniture were new.

Everyone in the Zhong family was filled with joy. Only Zheng Lin was grim. Zhong Bingyuan was her daughter, but she did not have any say in her daughter’s marriage.

The Mo family had come to propose marriage, and Old Master Zhong and Zhong Bingyuan’s father had made the decision.

She was the only girl in the Zhong family. They could not bear to use her simply as a tool to make a marriage alliance. Now both parties were willing, and she was marrying into the Mo family. Everyone in the Zhong family was overjoyed.

Both of them had long intended to get married. The Mo family was also sufficiently generous, so naturally, the discussion went very smoothly.

The engagement and wedding proceeded very smoothly.

Everything was settled in two months.

All the girls in the capital were furious!

The other three Mo brothers were bitter.

Mo Chengxi was the youngest of them all, but the first to get married. When they looked at their young uncle and aunt, the three bachelors’ scalps prickled.

At the time, western weddings were very fashionable. Zhong Bingyuan wore a wedding dress. Her flower girl and page boy were the children of one of the Mo employees.

They were twins and were very, very pretty.

Mo Jewelry’s Head of Design, Lin Yin, had a pair of twins – a girl and a boy. But no one knew who her husband was.

This woman was fairly talented and was especially good at designing jewelry. The Mo family’s jewelry business had grown rapidly as of late. Besides Gu Qingyao’s designs, Lin Yin had made the greatest contribution to its success.

Her two little children were very, very good looking. In the entire capital, it would be difficult to find another pair of twins that could act as page boy and flower girl.

Actually, either Mo Yang or the Gu family’s two boys would do in terms of looks, but these were twins!

A boy and a girl. That was just right.

At the wedding, Mo Yang sat with his parents and stared at the little girl holding the bridal train.

"Mother, that girl is so pretty!"

Gu Qingyao looked over. Um!

Fair and adorable, with sparkling eyes. She looked to be about five or six years old. She made you want to cuddle her.

Even Mo Beihan grew a little envious when he saw her. He rubbed his chin and smiled, "Why not… your mother and I give you a sister like that?"

In the past, he felt that childbirth was too hard and damaged a woman’s health too much. It was enough to have a child; it did not matter if it was a boy or a girl.

A boy was the best. All the love he would have given to his daughter could be lavished on his wife.

But when he saw such a pretty and adorable little girl, he grew envious!

If his Yao Yao gave him a girl, she would definitely be even more adorable.

He thought that Mo Yang would clap his hands in delight, but to his surprise, the little fellow stared at the girl with a rather sly expression. "There’s a ready-made one here, why trouble Mother to give birth to one?"

They exchanged glances. They could not figure out the child’s logic.

"You can’t possibly want to snatch other people’s younger sister, right?"

Mo Yang was taken aback. When he recovered his wits, he immediately smiled innocently, "Of course not! I only think that this little girl is adorable! If Father and Mother want a little girl, then go ahead and have one! I promise to take good care of her so that you don’t have to worry about her at all!"

With that, he went back to staring at the girl.

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