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Chapter: 1310

Gu Qingyao and Mo Beihan thought that Mo Yang had never seen such a pretty girl before and wanted a younger sister, so they did not think any further.

Gu Qingyao’s focus was still on the girl. She carefully examined the girl’s features and said in wonder, "Brother Beihan, do you think that the girl looks rather familiar?"

Mo Beihan had only thought that the child was adorable, but when Gu Qingyao said that, he looked at her carefully. She did look rather familiar!

"Now that you mention it, that child…"

"Does she look like Chu Yi?"

The two children were twins, but they were not identical twins.

Mo Beihan had seen the Head of Design, Lin Yin before. The boy did look quite similar to Lin Yin, but the girl really resembled Chu Yi!

Over the past few years, Chu Yi had recovered his health thanks to Gu Qingyao’s treatment. Chu Yi had been incredibly excited to have a healthy body and had forgotten all his previous grudges with Mo Beihan.

The two of them worked together very well in business. But when they met in private, they disliked each other.

Mo Beihan grew very jealous when he realized that this cute little girl might be Chu Yi’s daughter.

He thought that over the years, Chu Yi had always been very envious when he saw Mo Yang. A big part of the reason why Chu Yi disliked Mo Beihan stemmed from the fact that Mo Beihan had a pretty wife and an adorable child, while he had no one. He was alone.

If the two children belonged to Chu Yi, Mo Beihan could almost imagine how smug that fellow would be.

The wedding ceremony ended, and now it was time for the banquet.

Of course a wedding held by the Mo family would be a grand one. Celebrities from all walks of life came and went in the banquet hall, all carrying wine glasses and mingling with the crowd.

The flower girl and page boy had completed their duties, and their mother brought them aside to eat.

The little girl stroked her white dress. She loved it.

Mo Chengxi had this dress specially made, and it matched the wedding gown. It was embroidered with flowers, and there were also sparkling crystals. The girl really, really loved it.

This was her first time wearing such a beautiful dress!

"Mother, the lady getting married is so pretty! And my dress is also so pretty!"

Lin Yin stroked her daughter’s head and smiled, "It’s a present from Chairman Mo. In the future, it will belong to Yue Yue. Are you happy?"

The boy looked at his sister, his little face cold and proud. He did not say anything.

The banquet was an exceedingly sumptuous one, and the dishes were of the best quality. This banquet had been cooked by the Jin Jiang Restaurant’s head chef. Some people at the banquet were even gobbling down the food.

The little girl had not eaten such delicious food before. She was brandishing her paws and eating with delight.

The little boy could barely stand to look at his younger sister. In fact, he felt sorry for her.

Their family was not doing very well. Mother worked to raise the two of them. She had to buy a house in the capital, and houses here were just too expensive. He and his sister’s school fees were very high too.

Fortunately, Mother was promoted, and their situation had improved greatly.

Mo Yang stared at the little girl for a very long time. Now he stood near the table before he smiled and walked over to the girl.

When Lin Yin saw Mo Yang, she hurriedly smiled and greeted him, "Young Master!"

Mo Yang was a famous prince in the capital. He often went to the Mo family’s offices, so Lin Yin recognized him.

Mo Yang beamed and said very politely, "Aunt, how do you do?"

Lin Yin paused. She suddenly felt that something was different about the Crown Prince today!

He seemed much more well-behaved than usual!

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