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Chapter: 1313

Chu Yi was curious. Looked like him?

How could there be a child in this world who looked like him?

Even if she looked like him, it must be a coincidence. He had no children!

Chu Yi took the photographs and looked at them. His eyes narrowed when he saw the girl’s face.

She really looked very much like him!

The saying went that daughters resembled their fathers while sons resembled their mothers. This girl’s face was practically identical to his.

Especially when he was a child.

Chu Yi was shocked by his first sight of the child. He no longer thought that she was not his child. But… he was trying to recall if he had accidentally gotten any woman pregnant?

Chu Yi frowned and thought for a long time. But when he saw Lin Yin’s photograph, his expression grew sombre.

He did not remember Lin Yin’s name, but if he thought carefully, he could remember her face.

This bitch had secretly given birth to his children and had hidden them from him for so long!

The subordinate gulped. He had been with his master for so long. Of course he knew what had happened to his master all those years ago.

Chu Yi’s expression grew even more somber.

After a long time, he finally ground his teeth and said, "And they’re in the capital now?"

The subordinate bowered his head and said, "Yes, they are all there. Miss Lin is the Head of Design for Mo’s Jewelry."

His woman and his children were now earning their living under Mo Beihan?

The subordinate saw that Chu Yi’s expression had grown uglier. When he saw that his Master was about to explode, desperation gave him a brainwave. His mouth moved faster than his brain and somehow produced this sentence: "Master, if the children are really yours, that would be good news!

"Haven’t you always envied Mo Beihan for having an intelligent and adorable son? Young Master Mo Yang is so intelligent, and you’ve spent so much effort thinking of ways to kidnap him, but to no avail. This is great, you not only have a son, but also a daughter now!

"Now it will be Mo Beihan’s turn to be jealous of you!"

That seemed to make sense!

Chu Yi looked at the girl’s photograph. Um! This girl resembled him so closely that an image of him carrying his girl and showing her off to Mo Beihan floated into his mind involuntarily. Then he imagined Mo Beihan looking at him with envy and jealousy.

Chu Yi could not help but smile at the thought!

"Go and reserve plane tickets for me on the next flight. I’m going to the capital immediately."

By the time Chu Yi reached the capital, it was already the afternoon of the next day. He found Lin Yin’s house easily.

It was the weekend, and Lin Yin happened to be at home.

Chu Yi brought his subordinate and walked directly into Lin Yin’s house.

Lin Yin had bought the house recently after she became the Head of Design. It was larger than her previous house, with three bedrooms and a living room. She could finally give her two children a better living environment.

When she opened the door and saw Chu Yi standing there, she was so shocked she remained in a trance for a long time.

Chu Yi laughed coldly. "Why? Don’t you recognize me?"

Lin Yin’s mind was blank. Her face was dead-white, and her lips were quivering. Chu… Chu Yi?

She had not seen him for seven years.

She thought that she would never see him again in her lifetime. Why was Chu Yi in the capital?

Winters were very cold here. Chu Yi’s health was poor, and he could not stand the cold. He usually remained in the south. This…

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