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Chapter: 1314

When Chu Yi saw the woman’s expression he knew that she was hiding something from him.

He grunted coldly. He did not wait for Lin Yin to speak but strode through the front door.

Chu Yi stood in the living room. He was silent for a long time.

He had never lived in such a tiny house before.

The living room was very clean, and there were many toys in the corner. This place was clearly lived in.

He looked around but did not see the two children.

"You… why are you here?" Lin Yin finally found her voice.

Chu Yi turned his head and looked at her. He smiled briefly and said, "Why? Can’t I come?"

Lin Yin felt guilty. She did not really know what to say, but after a while, she recovered her wits and said calmly, "Mr Chu, I don’t have anything to do with you. This is my home. Mr Chu, what are you doing here?"

Chu Yi laughed coldly. "You’re quite bold. And quite the good actress."

Lin Yin frowned. "What do you mean?"

Chu Yi eyed the toys in the corner of the living room and said with a smile, "There are so many toys. Have you had a child?"

Chu Yi laughed coldly. He did not beat about the bush with her but said bluntly, "I heard that the two children look very much like me. Where are the children? Let me see them!"

Lin Yin was shaking. "Nonsense. What children? I don’t know. I don’t have any children!"

She was babbling with fright.

Chu Yi raised his brows. "Why are you so frightened? Weren’t you quite bold when you were plotting against me? Now you’re pretending to be so demure!"

Lin Yin turned pale once again and gritted her teeth and said, "I didn’t plot against you. I was just trying to save myself. Who could have guessed that you would drink that cup of water?"

She was very pretty and had studied design. When she was young, she studied painting. She had been collecting folk art in the countryside when her companion trapped her and tried to sell her.

It happened to be a very lonely place, and there were some outlaws there. She fell into their hands. They probably had some kind of alliance with Chu Yi, so they gave her to Chu Yi as a present.

To prevent her from resisting, they gave her a cup of water that was drugged so that she would serve Chu Yi properly.

They were deep in the mountains, and their surroundings were bleak and desolate. It was rare to meet such a beautiful girl like her in a place like that. She had been terrified and had pretended to be submissive and obedient so that they would relax their vigilance around her.

So she knew about the drug in the cup of water.

She wanted to give the cup of water to the woman who had brought her there, but a series of unfortunate events led to Chu Yi drinking it. Then… disaster had befallen her!

In the end, she had been the unlucky one. She was the one who had been trapped!

Chu Yi wanted to frighten her, but when he saw how pale and terrified she looked, he reconsidered, and in the end, he did not say anything.

When he thought about the two children, he still felt some tenderness towards her.

Lin Yin was just an ordinary person. With Chu Yi’s abilities, once he knew that she existed, it was a simple matter to investigate her background.

So before Chu Yi had arrived, he had already discovered everything that had happened over the past few years.

The two children were twins, and the timing matched perfectly. They were likely to be his children.

Sometimes twins were frailer, and that had been the case for Lin Yin’s children.

At that time, Lin Yin was still a university student. After suffering such trauma and becoming pregnant, no one in her family supported her. She gave birth to the children herself.

Then she had to raise the children and work. Life had been very hard.

Fortunately, she was a design student, so her work was more flexible. Otherwise, she would not be able to support these two children.

Unfortunately, the children fell ill, and Lin Yin had to spend a lot of money on their treatment.

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