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Chapter: 1316

The villa’s butler showed them in. When Lin Yue and Lin Zheng saw their mother enter, they immediately went to greet her.

Especially Lin Yue. She literally rushed over. This was her first time seeing such a large and beautiful house. She had just been having fun with Mo Yang up the mountain. She was extremely happy!

Lin Yin reached out to catch the little body rushing towards her. Lin Yin subconsciously relaxed in her daughter’s presence. Even her anxiety and terror from meeting Chu Yi were temporarily forgotten.

"Mother! Mother! This place is so fun! I just went with Brother Mo Yang up the mountain to dig for wild herbs, and we even went to a little stream to catch fish. But I couldn’t catch any. Uncle Butler caught them. And Brother Mo Yang is so awesome! He caught some!"

Lin Yue pointed to the spoils of her victory in the living room. Her little face was filled with excitement.

Lin Yin also smiled to see her daughter so happy.

The moment Chu Yi entered the house, he stared at the two children.

The little girl really resembled him. Actually, her features were identical to his when he was a child. One could tell at a glance that she was his daughter.

As for the boy, he resembled Lin Yin more, but traces of Chu Yi still showed in his features.

And he had two children who were already so grown up?

Chu Yi was already mentally prepared before he came over. He had looked at the photographs numerous times, but he still felt delighted.

He even thought that he must remain calm and in control when he met them. He felt that he had already gotten used to the idea after all this time.

But to his surprise, he could not remain calm when he saw them with his own eyes.

Chu Yi stood there as if frozen. He did not say a word.

Lin Yue spoke to her mother for a while, then glanced at Chu Yi. She asked curiously, "Mother, who is this uncle? Is he your friend?"

Behind her, Lin Zheng had been standing there dumbly ever since Chu Yi entered the house.

The impact of this face was just too great.

His eyes had not left Chu Yi from the moment the latter entered the door. Suddenly, a feeling of kinship and warmth blossomed in his heart. He could barely control himself. He wanted to rush over and fling himself into the man’s arms.

As Lin Zheng looked at his younger sister, then at Chu Yi, he immediately understood.

Excitement, helplessness and anxiety paralyzed him. He did not know how to respond.

But Mo Yang was different. He knew Chu Yi!

When he saw Chu Yi, he hurriedly smiled and said, "Uncle! Why are you here? Are you looking for my father?"

"Wait for a while; my father is out for a walk. I’ll send someone to ask him to return."

Chu Yi only recovered his wits after Mo Yang spoke.

Mo Yang had already sent the butler to find someone to look for his parents.

Chu Yi did not stop him. He looked at the little girl. He squatted down to look at her.

"What… what is your name?"

He already knew her name from the information he had gathered, but at this moment, he did not know how to begin a conversation with her, so he asked her this question.

"Me? My name is Yue Yue! Lin Yue!"

Chu Yi felt a pinprick of pain.

"Then… where is your father? Would you like to meet him?"

Lin Yue was stunned. She immediately looked at her mother. "Mother, is Father back? Is Father back?"

Her tone was incredibly excited.

Lin Yue excitedly looked at Chu Yi. "Do you know my father? My father has gone away to work and earn money. I’ve never met him! Is he back?"

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