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Chapter: 1317

"Your father has gone away to work and earn money?" Chu Yi frowned.

Lin Yue did not sense anything amiss in Chu Yi’s tone, so she said, "That’s right! When I was young, my family was very, very poor. In order to keep my brother and me alive, my father had no choice but to leave to earn money. He has not returned all these years.

"Mother said that Father has gone somewhere very, very far away. It takes a very, very long time to return and will cost a lot, a lot of money. She also says that there’s a rule that Father cannot come back for now. He will be back in a few years.

"When my brother and I fell ill previously, it cost a lot of money! If Father had not sent us money, we would not have been able to afford treatment!"

Lin Yin felt very embarrassed.

In the past, her life had been very hard, but she had never regretted having these two children.

Later on, as the two children grew up and became more and more intelligent, adorable and warm, she gradually let go of her past.

Now her two children were so good-looking and intelligent. She knew that it was not just the way she had brought them up. A large part of it was from their father.

She did not want her darlings to live with hatred, so after some time, she also stopped hating him.

To satisfy her children’s curiosity, she told them that their father had gone away to earn money and support them. He would not return for a long, long time.

She thought that she would explain matters to the children when they were older. By then, they would have matured and would be more ready to accept the truth.

She had not expected Chu Yi to come looking for them.

The little girl had never seen her own father and was very much looking forward to meeting him. The moment her father was mentioned, she could not restrain herself.

"Father is very good to us. He works very hard to earn money to support us!"

At that moment, he did not know what to say.

As a father, he had not even known that his children existed. If he had not seen their photographs, he would not have known about them at all.

He walked towards Lin Yue, then squatted down and said, "Yue Yue, you… look at me, I… I am… I am your Father."

Chu Yi was very anxious when said these words.

Lin Yue was stunned and unable to respond for several seconds. Meanwhile, Lin Zheng clenched his little fists. Just as he thought!

When Lin Yue responded after a few seconds, she was delighted at first. Then her expression changed. She looked at Chu Yi rather oddly.

"Mo-mother, is he really Father? He doesn’t look like Father."

Chu Yi frowned. "In what way? Look, don’t you look just like your father?"

Lin Yue blinked. She was still young. She could not really tell if his face was really similar to hers. It did seem rather similar.

But he wasn’t like her father!

"My father doesn’t look like that! Mother said that Father works very, very hard overseas. He has to sail on a ship all around the ocean, and he is scorched by the sun so that his skin is very dark. He doesn’t have new clothes to wear or meat to eat. He works so hard to earn money to support us."

Chu Yi suddenly panicked a little and asked, "What did your mother say your father worked as?"

"He’s a porter on board a large ship!"

Lin Yin covered her face. She had not done it on purpose!

Chu Yi ground his teeth. A porter?

How had this woman thought of such a thing?

Damn it, why had she described him as a coolie!

How would he establish an awesome and glorious image of himself in his children’s hearts?

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