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Chapter: 1318

In these times, people were relatively honest. Hardworking and honest people were greatly admired.

Lin Yin’s family background was poor, and she suffered greatly when she was young. People of her age certainly had a hard life as children.

So she felt that when she described their father to the children, he must naturally be hardworking and simple. She headed in the direction of someone who was brave and responsible.

The fact was that the children were quite fond of this image of their father.

They had always been very obedient. They felt that it was hard for their parents to raise them, so they must be obedient and not make trouble. When they grew up, Father would naturally come back.

Alternatively, when their family had enough money, Father would naturally come back.

In the eyes of the children, a hardworking and simple father like that was a noble father. But Chu Yi was different!

Chu Yi had always lived a privileged life. The people he knew were mostly the cream of society. In his eyes, people like Mo Beihan and him, who were capable and powerful, would form an image of a lofty and powerful father. Lin Yin’s description was completely wrong!

So Chu Yi was very angry!

Mo Yang was rather stunned by what he saw.

"No… this… Uncle, you… you are Yue Yue’s Father?"

Chu Yi looked at Mo Yang and nodded. "That’s right. I’m her father. Hurry up and explain it to her."

Chu Yi did not know how to interact with children. When he saw that this little girl was so submissive and gentle, he was afraid he would frighten her if he was too fierce. But he was determined not to accept this image of a father who was a porter.

He was the most handsome, the most awesome, and the most capable Father!

He had never imagined such a thing!

Yue Yue and her older brother were Chu Yi’s children. When he first made friends with Yue Yue, he discovered a lot of information about Lin Yin.

Lin Yin worked in Mo Incorporated. It was extremely easy for him, the Crown Prince, to obtain information about her.

So he knew that Yue Yue and her brother had grown up in a single-parent family. Besides that, Lin Yin had lived with them in the capital for many years, but her life in the past had not been so good.

Their family circumstances only improved when Lin Yin became Mo Jewelry’s Head of Design.

Mo Yang did not really know what to say. His family had known Chu Yi for a long time, for many years in fact. Chu Yi and his father used to be bitter enemies!

Lin Yue raised her head and looked at her mother and asked in wonder, "Mother, is he really our father? Why is he completely different from your description?"

At the moment, Lin Yin really did not know what to say. What should she do?

How should she explain this?

"This… he… he really is your father. Yue Yue, Zheng’er, he really is your father. Come over and meet your father. He hasn’t been back for so long, haven’t you missed him terribly?"

Lin Zheng did not budge. He thought that he could sense something!

Lin Yue was delighted. With her mother’s confirmation, she immediately began to study this father.

Only Lin Zheng stood there in silence.

Mo Yang was really very surprised.

Meanwhile, the butler had called Mo Beihan and Gu Qingyao. When they heard that Chu Yi was here, they raised their brows.

"He didn’t tell you anything? You didn’t summon him here?" Gu Qingyao asked.

Mo Beihan shrugged. "This really has nothing to do with me!"

"Then why is he here? Because… of the two children?"

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