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Chapter: 1322

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

In Lin Yin’s house, it was late. Sleeping arrangements had become a problem.

Lin Zheng had always been very quiet. Chu Yi could not figure out what his son was thinking. But the girl in his arms was just too adorable. She stuck close to him so that he had not managed to speak to his son properly.

Lin Yin’s house had three rooms and a living room. There was enough space, but the question was who would stay where.

Lin Yue cuddled down in Chu Yi’s arms. She could not bear to leave. That night, Chu Yi wanted to bathe the children. He wanted to take care of them and experience being a father.

But Lin Yue was a girl, and Lin Yin objected.

"Yue Yue is a girl. Better to let me do it! Besides, she is already six years old. She can take care of such small matters herself."

Chu Yi was really fond of his daughter. But he did not insist since she was a girl, although a young one.

He looked at Lin Zheng. He might as well take the opportunity to spend time with his son.

"Son, how about I give you a bath?"

Lin Zheng looked at him for a while, then silently nodded.

Chu Yi brought Lin Zheng to the bathroom and ran the hot water to bathe his son. Lin Zheng obediently sat in the bathtub. He looked at Chu Yi but did not speak.

Chu Yi looked at him and said questioningly, "What is it? Do you dislike me?"

Lin Zheng bit his lip. "Are you really our father?"

Chu Yi was stunned. "I really am your father. I am not deceiving you."

Lin Zheng lowered his head. "In any case, you are definitely not the father that Mother described."

His words stunned Chu Yi. "I really am your father. I’m telling you the truth. Father has found… Father has made some money now, so I won’t leave you anymore."

Lin Zheng raised his head. "What did you say just now? What did you find?"

Chu Yi paused. "Nothing. I made a mistake. You…"

"It wasn’t a mistake. Before this, you didn’t even know that we were your children, right?"

Chu Yi was shocked. He stared at the six-year-old in front of him. This…

Lin Zheng looked at him somewhat angrily and said a little sadly, "Why didn’t you know about us? Mother always told us that you left to earn money. When my sister and I fell sick when we were small, she said that we used to money that you sent back. I believed her at first.

"But later on, I slowly began to suspect something. There’s nothing in the house related to you. No matter how busy you are, surely you would at least write a letter. At the Mo house earlier, I saw your reaction. So I know that you are certainly not as Mother described. Why? Where have you been?"

His words deeply shocked Chu Yi. How could a six-year-old child be so smart?

"There’s no need to lie to me. I’m very intelligent. When we were young, Mother was busy working and earning money. There was no way she could bring us along, so she had no choice but to lock us inside the house. I’ve taken care of my younger sister since I was young. When I grew up a little, I continued to care for her. I have met plenty of adults, but you are different.

"Mother said that Father has gone to earn money. At first, others believed her but later on, many people said that we were lying. Mother has moved house many times, but I have never heard any news about Father.

"Today at the Mo house, you were clearly not that familiar with Mother. You don’t look like a couple at all. You’re completely different from Uncle Mo and Aunt Gu!"

This was the first time in his life that he had been stricken dumb by a six-year-old child’s resentment.

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