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Chapter: 1325

He had made a special effort and brought a big bag of snacks.

Chu Yi really liked Mo Yang. After all, he was so handsome, intelligent and mature. It was rare to meet someone like that.

He remembered how much he envied Mo Beihan because of this child!

Now Mo Yang was here, and he was his children’s friend, so he naturally hastened to invite Mo Yang in.

Chu Yi and the two children were in the living room of the Lin House. Mo Yang carried the bag of snacks in and took them out one by one.

"Yue Yue and Younger Brother! Come and try this. The snacks at my house are really tasty. I made these myself!"

Gu Qingyao’s cooking skills were so excellent that whatever she made was better than average. Mo Yang had grown up by Gu Qingyao’s side and had learnt to cook from a young age.

Mo Beihan often cooked for his wife, and under his influence, Mo Yang also often cooked bird’s nest soup for his mother to maintain her complexion!

Chu Yi was very interested when he heard that Mo Yang had made these himself. "Really? You’re so young, but you know how to make these snacks?"

Mo Yang raised his head and smiled nicely, "Uncle, I’m not young anymore. Father already knew how to cook at my age. Now he often cooks for my mother!"

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Chu Yi was shocked. A man like Mo Beihan cooked for his wife?

He had all kinds of chefs in his household!

"Your father can cook? Doesn’t your family have a chef?"

Mo Yang laughed, "We do! But Father’s cooking is different. Even if it isn’t as good as the chef’s cooking, my mother likes it!

"All these years, Father has always been very good to mother. He often cooks for Mother. Father says, that way, Mother will realize how much he cherishes her and cares for her.

"Father also told me that men must know how to take care of their wives. Girls are delicate and need to be doted on. So! He taught me how to cook when I was young. My mother taught me how to make these snacks. A few years ago, I began to make bird’s nest soup for Mother to improve her complexion!"

Chu Yi was really shocked.

But he thought that Mo Beihan was right.

Now he had a daughter too. Of course he hoped that his daughter would marry a good man.

He immediately smiled even more brightly and patted Mo Yang’s shoulder. He nodded and said, "Um! You’re right. Men should dote on their wives. Or the girl won’t want to be with him!"

Mo Yang continued to smile innocently, "Of course. Don’t worry, Uncle! When Yue Yue grows up, she will certainly marry a husband who dotes on her."

Chu Yi looked at his darling daughter and immediately smiled happily.

Meanwhile, Lin Zheng looked at Mo Yang who was smiling innocently, then at his foolish sister who was busy eating. Then he glanced at his father, who looked relaxed and even hopeful. He rolled his eyes, speechless.

Chu Yi was very intelligent and a deep thinker. Otherwise, he would not have been able to run such a successful business even when his health was so poor.

So when he wanted to pursue Lin Yin, Lin Yin could not escape his clutches. Especially not when they had had two children together.

While joy was abounding in Chu Yi’s family of four, Mo Beihan had forgotten his son’s woebegone little face long ago. He had forgotten his promise to keep Chu Yi busy so that he would have no time to bother with Chu Yue.

Chu Yi had moved into the capital and was prepared to stay. Sometimes he brought his darling daughter along to show her off to Mo Beihan. Mo Beihan couldn’t stand it anymore!

This would not do. He must have a daughter.

In order to ensure that Chu Yi would not make trouble for him and give him time to have a daughter with his wife, he was determined not to give Chu Yi trouble either.

As for his son… Um! Nothing was as important as having a daughter!

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