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Chapter: 1326

The moment Mo Beihan decided to have a daughter, Gu Qingyao was in trouble. He tormented her every day.

"Stop it! If you carry on like this, I won’t speak to you anymore!"

Mo Beihan looked very pitiful. "No, we must hurry up and have a daughter. I have never lost to Chu Yi before. Now I have to gain back my edge by having a daughter!"

"Aren’t the two of you childish? The two of you are so renowned in international circles. When other people meet you, they all address you as Master Mo. Mo Beihan, are you competing with Chu Yi in this area?"

Mo Beihan said unhappily, "That’s right! I just don’t like him smugly parading his daughter in front of me. Our own brat keeps following his daughter around too. Those two are becoming childhood sweethearts. He might start dating her even before they’ve grown up.

"Our Yang Yang is so scheming. He has seen me dote on you since he was young. In our Mo family, Gu family, Qiao family and even the Qin family, the men all dote on their wives. That brat has learnt it all. Soon he will be scuttling after other people’s daughters.

"It doesn’t matter if I don’t have a daughter. But our son is about to be taken away by someone else. I’m at the losing end!"

"No way. I must have a daughter. Daughters are the closest. Later on, she will bring a son-in-law home to take care of me."

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Gu Qingyao leaned her cheek on her hand. She had nothing to say to this childish man.

She gazed in bemusement at Mo Beihan. "Surely you’ve got it wrong? This… Daughters-in-law marry into the family. Daughters marry out of the family. Even if you think about it like that, it’s more beneficial to have a son!"

Mo Beihan pouted. He did not trust his son at all. "Forget it! Our brat can’t wait to go to the Chu house every day."

Gu Qingyao thought about it. "That’s also fine! Didn’t you use to be irritated at Yang Yang for being in the way? Now that he’s at someone else’s house, we can take the opportunity to travel the world. I’m more than happy to let someone else raise my son!"

He gazed at her pathetically, "Wouldn’t it be nice to travel the world with our daughter?"

Mo Beihan pounced on her before she could respond. He must have a daughter. Or he would never give up. Hmph!

Chu Yi had successfully courted his wife after staying in the capital for some time. He had also built good relationships with his children. The family of four were happy and doing well.

So he decided to move his business to the capital.

He and Mo Beihan had a lot of influence in international circles. It was impossible to move everything back, but to live here long-term, he must have power in the capital.

When Chu Enterprises moved to the capital, it caused ripples of shock in the capital’s circles.

Gu Jinhang called Mo Beihan in his study.

"Are you sure this Chu Yi is your man?"

Mo Beihan raised his brows. "Have his people been very active lately?"

Gu Jinhang laughed. "Not just active. His side has been bustling like a marketplace. Tell me, how do the capital people know that this fellow is rich?"

Chu Yi’s business was very complicated and most ordinary people would not come into contact with him. It was unusual that news of his arrival in the capital had spread so fast!

Mo Beihan laughed and said, "This proves that those fellows in the capital are becoming smarter!"

In the past, everyone was very simple. Information and transport systems had not yet developed, so the families in the capital had been relatively simple.

Things were different now. In the past ten years, the economy had grown, and the various noble houses had risen. They had built all kinds of information networks.

This was no longer the capital of ten years ago.

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