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Chapter: 2217

Stuck In between

Chapter 2217: Stuck In-between

Ever since the Calamity Light had become active and the mysterious man in the skies sent Vacuous Beasts to descend on the Fifty-Two Territories but fortunately, was protected by a so-called Grand Formation, a month had passed.

However, moments before Davis and the other could exit the Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace, the Calamity Light’s activity resurfaced, no, redescended!


In the skies of the Distorted Skies of Yonder, Davis’s main body simultaneously comprehended Level Two Obscure Intent after exiting and realizing that immortals had invaded, although he had comprehended a lot about his own heart on the eighth floor and the ninth floor of the Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace after coming in contact with his imitation, the main reason was the death of Lea’s Solitary Soul Avatar.

At that point, he understood what it meant to fail, even if it was just a Solitary Soul Avatar that he had lost, Lea’s smile at that moment was enough to send him into a spiral of grief.

Turning to look at Lea, it was like he realized that he never knew he loved her so much.

Lea was also staring at Davis as her avatar was killed right after she arrived. Although she looked worried, she simply smiled at him, shaking her head.

"I’m here."

"Lea, don’t fret. I’ll rescue the Burning Phoenix Ridge right now!"

Davis waved his hand consolingly and rushed below diagonally towards the entrance or, rather, the exit of the Distorted Skies of Yonder. However, even before he could leave fifty meters away from them, he was stuck in mid-air as he hovered, causing his eyes to go wide.

‘What…? This is…’

Davis’s pupils trembled as he realized, causing him to move back. However, he was held in place. No, his movements were so slow that he was slower than a domestic tortoise at this moment.

Evelynn and the others became shocked to see Davis hang in mid-air, unable to move. No, he was moving, but the movement was so little that it couldn’t even be considered a movement in their eyes.

"Mhm? Something has changed…" Simultaneously, Lereza’s voice rang out in a confused yet melodious tone.

"The Temporal Formation is no longer working, and there’s… cracks in the barrier…?"

Only Davis could hear her, causing him to understand what had happened. But as for the others, Myria extended her hand as though she was feeling the surroundings through her senses.

"Time… I think I can use it properly now…"

"That would mean that Temporal Core in the hidden spatial node is no longer working. Seems like we’re in even more of a pinch as it would take time for the temporal stability to return to normal."

She eyed Lea, causing the latter to become shaken.

If they were delayed here, wouldn’t she only see the ruins of the Burning Phoenix Ridge and the dead bodies of thousands of disciples? Moreover, what’s to become of the female disciples…?

The wicked path didn’t play with diplomacy, for the most part, causing Lea to uncontrollably shiver. Moreover, when there are two immortals backing them, the things they would do to their victims without restraint…

*Whoosh!~* ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ꜰʀᴏᴍ.

Davis suddenly became able to move fast as he exited the temporal correction zone, which restricted movements to become extremely slow.

"Don’t agonize. I managed to drive an immortal away, and the situation is at a stalemate."

He appeared before Lea as he consoled her, causing her bosoms to stop heaving from almost spiraling into a panic attack.

Even if she was a Sect Master with an unbending will, he knew that the consequences of losing were so severe that she wouldn’t be able to live with herself after it.

After consoling Lea, the others came to hold her hands, especially Shirley and Niera. Even though Shirley, along with Isabella, were visibly shaken, they still consoled Lea as they knew Myria’s defensive spirit formation was protecting them. Only Lea suffered the brunt of this attack while they were safe.

In other words, Davis had chosen better safety for them over her Burning Phoenix Ridge, rightly so even though it was cruel. After all, if he had wanted to save the Burning Phoenix Ridge, sending Myria would have been more appropriate. However, they didn’t think like that, knowing that he was doing his best to lay his life on the line when thinking that they didn’t even know if the Alstreim Family’s Founder was their ally or not.

Betrayal was possible at any time, ultimately leading to their Burning Phoenix Ridge’s demise, so they did their best to console Lea.

"Myria, what’s happening here?" Davis turned to look at Myria.

Myria eyed Davis, almost scoffing at his commanding tone but looking at the panic in his eyes, she looked away.

"How should I know? I can only speculate."

"Whatever is fine." Davis gestured with his hands, "You’re right for the most part."


Myria calmly blinked before her lips moved behind the veil.

"Let’s say that the Fifty-Two Territories’ temporal speed is faster than the First Haven World, and we came from the Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace, whose temporal speed is ten times faster than the Fifty-Two Territories. When we came out, it would naturally adjust to the time outside before letting us leave its spatial zone."

"However, that smooth process was disrupted by the core of the Temporal Formation in the Alternating Time Flow Valley becoming inactive or, perhaps, destroyed. If I’m now wrong, the Alternating Time Flow Valley’s uniqueness would’ve disappeared or would slowly disappear."

"In all likelihood, time has become the same in the First Haven World and the Fifty-Two Territories. There’s no difference anymore, so the double attuning from different temporal flow to the original temporal flow in the First Haven World has caused a delay on our location."

"…" Davis’s expression possessed a tinge of haste, "When will the temporal flow become stable then?"

"I don’t know." Myria shook her head, "It might take seconds or hours. It’s too complex for me to understand."


Even Davis felt uneasy now, so what about Sect Master Lea Weiss?

He didn’t turn to look back to see her but resolved himself, resolved to use Fallen Heaven without restraint.

If he couldn’t make it there or his soul body was to be destroyed, he decided to unhesitatingly kill those immortal bastards as he caught their names with Death God Eyes using his soul body at this very moment, even though the lag between the happenings was vaguely evident through their link!

As time was running slower here, the things happening outside were fast, but the lag between their consciousness remained almost the same, making it so that he could see the on-goings outside faster, to the rate of two or maybe ten times as the flow kept varying, perhaps the reason behind Myria being unable to predict the exact time where this temporal instability will end.

Nonetheless, Fallen Heaven’s prowess was so frightening that even their immortal bodies and souls didn’t manage to escape their senses, so it was fated that they would die one way or another!

"Mark my words, Lea. I definitely won’t let the Burning Phoenix Ridge fall. I swear it on my life."

"…!" Lea’s expression fell as she flailed, "You can’t- you can’t do this to me! I need you alive!"

The others also flinched, not expecting Davis to say something like that. Who knew what kind of sacrificial methods he possessed to make his words come true, causing them all to tremble as they recalled the time he collapsed after silently killing many powerhouses, never to wake up again if it weren’t for Shirley.

However, they still held Lea from becoming hysterical, remaining at a loss as they didn’t know what to do.

Should they say for him to forget about the Burning Phoenix Ridge? Those words were at the tip of their tongue but looking at its Sect Master shed tears as she kept shaking her head, their tongues were caught in their throats, their own eyes tearing up from the conflict of priority.

Even Evelynn, who would forsake all to be with Davis, felt her heartbeat quickening without a stop, never expecting the situation to have become this precarious as whoever opened their mouths to tell him to forsake the Burning Phoenix Ridge would undoubtedly offend Lea and even Shirley but if they didn’t, risk to lose Davis once again which chilled their hearts to the extreme.

"Just wait…"

Davis didn’t turn to look at them despite feeling the complex yet ominous emotions brewing in them, closing his eyes to concentrate on the ongoing battle of varying time flow. On the other hand, Myria stared at him, knowing that he was about to use that damned treasure in spite of the consequences of disrupting a large-scale event like the invasion of the immortals from the First Haven World.

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