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Chapter: 2218


Chapter 2218: Founders

"Your eminence…!"

While Davis grinned at the immortals, a melodious voice echoed from a distance with considerable worry, causing not only him but even the immortals to turn around, their gaze penetrating towards the Burning Phoenix Ridge.

"Your eminence! Please don’t be afraid! My ancestor will protect you!"

A white-winged wolf howled at him. She was none other than Everlight, causing Davis to blink as he saw Ancestor Cornelia try to pull her back into safety, her eyes bloodshot, perhaps from witnessing Lea’s soul body die.

Fortunately, Ancestor Cornelia knew that Lea was a soul body. Otherwise, she might’ve gone crazy as she was already about to die from a lack of lifespan.

"Everlight, stay away from this battle."

The Light Sky Wolf Immortal spoke in a melodious and calm tone, her serene blue eyes surveying the battlefield as though warning all not to make a move.

However, she was larger than Everlight, about a massive three hundred meters tall and four hundred fifty meters long, her wingspan alone stretching as long as her body, causing Davis to be in awe over the sheer size of the magical, no, immortal beast.

Moreover, he had reasons to believe that the Light Sky Wolf Immortal Beast was one of the smaller or medium-sized immortal beasts, as even Emperor Beast Stage Dragons were more than a hundred meters in one particular measurement at the very least.

"You took care of my Magical Beast Sanctuary?"

Davis saw that the Light Sky Wolf Immortal was asking him a question before he slightly nodded.

"You’re a good human. I will protect you now, but in exchange, the Magical Beast Sanctuary will no longer be your subordinate power."


Davis didn’t hesitate to answer, causing the Light Sky Wolf’s sapphire eyes to flash as she vaguely smiled, turning to look at the Dark Ironroar Palace Immortal.

"Now you know the reason. Leave, or face the wrath of a Level Nine Immortal."

"What Level Nine Immortal? You’re just a Level One Immortal Beast at the moment whose prowess slightly aligns above me. However, why did you, a Level Nine Immortal Beast even bother to enter this desolate place? Don’t tell me it’s because of the power you established here?" The Dark Ironroar Palace Immortal turned to look towards the Burning Phoenix Ridge, or precisely that white-winged called Everlight.

‘She’s the Magical Beast Sanctuary’s Founder…?’

Davis’s brows raised. He had heard that the Light Sky Wolf was the one who gathered all the weak magical beasts and made the powerful ones amidst the weak ones into the Twelve Guardian Clans. Each successive generation of the Light Sky Wolf Clan had to lead the Magical Beast Sanctuary, so Everlight had taken the reign in the current years but to think that their Founder had actually ascended.

This gave him the same surprising feeling as Founder Alstreim Windstorm did, having never expected them to be alive. However, considering that these relatively new powers like the Alstreim Family and Magical Beast Sanctuary needed a certain amount of might to control a Territory, they should’ve been in the Peak-Level Ninth Stage in the first place to acquire a Territory, rightfully so, before slowly degrading over time.

It made sense to him if he thought of it that way because the historical records of the Alstreim Family seemed to have lied about their Founder’s death, although not exactly lied as it was vague. It seemed to be a secret ascension for whatever reason he couldn’t understand, perhaps to not let the world know about ascensions or deaths as it was in line with how the ancestor’s death or ascension would always be announced only after the power became self-sufficient in both power and influence.

Nonetheless, he glanced at the Light Sky Wolf Immortal Beast open her large maw.

"Don’t bother threatening me with the safety of my Magical Beast Sanctuary, human. Your Dark Ironroar Palace won’t survive my onslaught either."

"You think I care?"

The Dark Ironroar Palace Immortal’s body shook, seemingly chuckling as his mask’s wide, jagged jaws laughed evilly.

"Why don’t we make a move and see?"

However, the Light Sky Wolf Immortal didn’t seem to back down, causing Dark Ironroar Palace Immortal’s crimson pupils to flash, his eyes frowning. He stared at the Light Sky Wolf Immortal as an intense pressure surged out, his immortal aura undulating in the skies as it tried to suppress her.

However, the Light Sky Wolf’s Immortal Beast Aura was as threatening and heavy as the metallic energy radiating in the air, their auras clashing in the air as they entered a stalemate.

Davis watched their clash with wide eyes, trying to understand the intricacies. The Light Sky Wolf Immortal Beast seemed to have the edge with her prowess in Light Laws.

However, the Dark Ironroar Palace Immortal also seemed to be doing better as he kept her from overwhelming him, but that dark metallic might of immortal aura he radiated didn’t seem to be as good as Light Sky Wolf Immortal Beast, making him understand that it probably had to do with his uniqueness as an immortal, or perhaps foundation which he knew nothing about.


The immortal auras reached an overwhelming high that space began to tremble but suddenly, they were pulled back like a receding tide.

"Young lad." The Dark Ironroar Palace Immortal turned to look at him, "I won’t ask for much. Just give me the mysterious technique you used to kill many powerhouses and consequently collapsed, you know, about that day everyone talks about. Do that, and I’ll retreat for today."

"Brat! You also better hand over the technique you used just now!"

The Blood Reaper Underworld’s Immortal, who was silent all this time, also surged out with an immense bloody might, seemingly healed.

Davis had his eyes furrowed, wondering why these immortals were able to recover so soon, wondering if their bodies were almost infallible and indestructible. However, he recalled that they were not truly Level One or Level Two Immortals but were much higher, which made it so that their vitalities helped them regain back their damaged bodies much more easily.

Moreover, the Blood Reaper Underworld’s Immortal was a character who trained in Blood Laws, so restoring the severed parts of his body or regenerating his entire body should be child’s play to him.

Nonetheless, Davis quickly shot a wide smile.

"Don’t worry, both you bastard immortals are incapable of using such high-level techniques."

"…! What did you say!?"

The Blood Reaper Underworld Immortal’s crimson eyes overflowed with killing intent. Here, he was suppressed and even manipulated that the anger he held in his belly knew no bounds. He shot toward Davis. However, a breeze simultaneously rushed past him, causing him to stop halfway as he brandished his bloody ax.


A curved wind blade extending from the hand struck the searing sharpness of the bloody ax, clashing with intensity.

"Alstreim! What do you want!?"

"I’m not letting you kill a worthy descendant even if it costs my life, Guang." Founder Alstreim Windstorm clenched his teeth as he struggled, "Forget about harming my descendant, the Emperor of Death. Otherwise, I’ll make it my life’s mission to kill you."

The Blood Reaper Underworld Immortal’s expression became unsightly before he lashed out.

"As if you’re capable!"


Their immortal weapons struck again, creating a massive shockwave that sent Davis flying into the distance, making him cough out soul essence in copious amounts as he had already exhausted himself.


Resplendent light and a dark metallic boulder struck as they shook the heaven and earth, causing spatial cracks to appear as the ore exploded from the immensity of the light penetrating into the ore. The resulting splinters flew with a threatening power like mini-meteors shooting from the skies, crash landing in many locations as they caused a plethora of craters to form as resounding explosions shook the earth.

The Blood Reaper Underworld’s Immortal slashed down on Founder Alstreim Windstorm as they engaged in a frontal battle, and in order to protect Davis, the latter seemed to be caught from moving like the wind, ending up at a disadvantage.

Amidst the heavy aura of the immortals throwing their oppressive undulations and energy, Davis forcefully bent his head while sent flying as his sapphire eyes turned into a bluish chaotic vortex, transcending space as it directly fell on the Blood Reaper Underworld Immortal, who felt his scalp turn numb.

‘Behead yourself… Behead yourself…! Behead yourself!!!’


The bloody ax under the grasp of the Blood Reaper Underworld’s Immortal flashed as it cut through his own neck, beheading himself.


As the head screamed in shock over this unexplainable phenomenon, Founder Alstreim Windstorm appeared in front of that head as he spread his hands, suppressing the bloody immortal ax with his slicing wind blade,


At the same time, thousands of wind blades lacerated the head before it exploded into a million chunks of flesh as though being ground into a blender.

However, a crimson soul managed to successfully escape into the distance as it shot away at a mind-boggling speed like the Infernal Lightning Palace’s Immortal, causing Founder Alstreim Windstorm to narrow his eyes and follow, but at the corner of his eyes, he saw Davis plunge to the ground as though he no longer had any consciousness, causing him to instantly prioritize him.


He traveled with the wind as one and instantly arrived before Davis, causing the latter to become stiff while having his eyes closed because he could sense his Founder had appeared beside him.

However, was it to protect him as he claimed or something else?


Abruptly, a thick ray of light energy rushed towards Davis, causing Founder Alstreim Windstorm to stop it but let it through as he lowered his hand, his lips curving into a smile.

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