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Chapter: 2221


Chapter 2221: Protecting

"That’s why I think…" Founder Alstreim Windstorm took a deep breath once again, "… most of the immortals who are here are looking for descendants or starting anew as Hegemons. Since that’s the case, I won’t think they would forgive my descendant over here."

He turned to look at Davis, his eyes frowning in worry.

"They won’t rest until one of them dies, especially the Blood Reaper Underworld’s Immortal, who probably hates Davis to his non-existent bones. Although Immortal Guang had lost his immortal body, his soul is still a significant threat. If we don’t do something about it, it’s going to become a disaster later on for us."

‘There’s no need to worry as I’m going to hunt him down once my main body is able to leave, but…’

Davis cast a side-eye at the Founder as he didn’t think much about Immortal Guang. However…

‘Damn… this guy is lying…!’

His Enigmatic Heart Intent found an anomaly!

Davis couldn’t tell how the Founder was lying, in the sense, that he couldn’t tell which part was the lie. The reason for entering the Fifty-Two Territories? His back story? Or his worry for him? Or all of them?

Both of them seemed viable to him as they were in line with destruction and hopelessness, cycling to seek hope as the Vacuous Beasts descended upon them. Even he and the denizens of the Fifty-Two Territories watched the Vacuous Beasts streak through the horizons, having likely entered the First Haven World, so he didn’t know whether the Founder was lying or not. But still…

‘The strings resonating with my Enigmatic Heart Intent felt as though he released some truth mixed with lies…’

Davis couldn’t find a hole in that story, but his Enigmatic Heart Intent did find deceit. His affinity that had just raised towards Founder Alstreim Windstorm for protecting him from the onslaught of Immortal Guang fell at this moment for this deceit.

"This… my condolences." Ancestor Cornelia’s expression became apologetic, "I shouldn’t have asked and kept my old mouth shut."

"Ah no, feel free to ask me anything."

Founder Alstreim Windstorm waved his hand, his countenance quite confident and carefree. His confidence seeped into Ancestor Cornelia as it calmed her. However, the matter of her Burning Phoenix Ridge not experiencing a calamity in the First Haven World and consequently having no need to descend to condemn themselves to a desolate place was complex in itself.

Was she happy that they survived or sad that they didn’t descend, consequently allowing the Burning Phoenix Ridge to become vulnerable and defenseless in front of the might of the foreign immortals?

Even she herself didn’t know the answer to this question. However, one thing was sure.

"Child, don’t allow yourself to be this vulnerable. Even if you’re a soul body or an avatar, I presume that the resources that would cost to make this avatar is not any less than creating the current Burning Phoenix Ridge we have. No matter what, you must keep yourself alive, even if it is not for yourself, for the sake of Lea and Shirley. You must… live."


Davis didn’t know what to say; that he could discard his avatar whenever he wanted and create anew by sacrificing thirty percent of his soul essence before restoring it to ninety-eight percent with Fallen Heaven’s life energy?

This secret… only the ones using the Solitary Soul Avatar technique knew of it, although they weren’t aware of Fallen Heaven. Perhaps, Myria was the only one who understood how he was cheating the heavens and resource disparity.

"That’s right, my prodigious descendant." Founder Alstreim Windstorm narrowed his eyes at Davis, "I’m surprised that I was protecting an avatar. However, I wouldn’t have changed my stance even if I knew that you were an avatar. I would’ve protected you regardless. Nonetheless, I can see that you’re quite suicidal with your attacks, especially when you knew that Sect Master Lea was also a soul body. Why didn’t you heed my words when I said for you flee?’


"Fine, we’ll leave it at that. I can see that you’re passionate about your loved ones and upstanding over your words as you’ve protected the Burning Phoenix Ridge you’re allied with, not to mention that you even managed to make a Light Sky Wolf Immortal give aid to you because of your actions towards the Magical Beast Sanctuary, which makes me even more prideful."

"Honestly, you’re too good to be true that I’m scared that I have entered an illusive formation! Ahahaha!"

Founder Alstreim Windstorm laughed out loud while Ancestor Cornelia couldn’t help but deeply smile as though Davis receiving praise was like praising her.

However, Davis was quite dumbfounded as the concern, and pride Founder Alstreim Windstorm showered him seemed genuine. One moment, the other party said some lies, and in the other, he didn’t, wholeheartedly appearing concerned about him.

Davis didn’t know what to say again and again to this carefree Founder of his. However, his silence didn’t arouse suspicion as they believed he was exhausted.

‘Well, his target should be Myria in essence if he came in controlled by that ‘bastard’… I’ll have to protect her… I mean, protect Ellia…’

Davis could only be satisfied with the fact that at least the Founder wasn’t his enemy but was truly trying to protect him. As for the true intentions of the Alstreim Family’s Founder, he was planning on probing.

But at this moment, his expression froze, and so did everyone else’s.


Oppressive undulations emerged from the distance, causing their heads to swivel as they looked at the three figures rushing from the far distance. The air seemed chilled yet smooth under the breezy wave of these undulations flipping their hairs.

However, Davis and the others realized that there weren’t three figures but four, one trapped inside a water sphere that had floating lotuses in them, pointing towards that figure as they engulfed while that figure tried to turn the watery lotuses into bloody lotus.


Davis was again speechless, looking at the trapped Blood Reaper Underworld’s Immortal, Immortal Guang, in amusement before he turned to look at Ivy Aries and Valley Master Jade Aurora, standing behind a middle-aged woman with clear eyes and a veil hiding her beautiful face.

There was no need for an introduction for him to know that she was the Jade Lotus Valley’s Immortal!

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