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Chapter: 43

Chapter 43: "Dog Lu woof woof woof [Poo]" withdrew a message

"No, what are you saying, Brother Nan?" Fang Ci was completely lost. He found that the other person’s gaze was not focused on him and could help waving his hand in front of him, asking, "What’s up with you? Hello hello? Can you see me?"

Lu Xu Nan was dizzy from his waving. He raised his hand to shoo him away, wiped his face when he taking back his hand, and asked, "Ci’er, if one day, you suddenly find out that the girl you l-like silently did a lot for you behind the scenes because of something you said casually before, what would you do?"

He’s here! He’s here! "Lovesick Nan" who is troubled because of love, he has come again!!!

Fang Ci who has already perfectly accepted his identity nowadays as his brother’s "confidant" replied: "Isn’t that simple? She’s already the girl you like, of course you turn her into your girlfriend and love her twice as much! Pamper her, be good to her!"

Lu Xu Nan deeply pondered his words for a while and solemnly nodded. "You’re right, I know what to do."


Fang Ci thought back on how his brother used to treat girls and could help being a little skeptical: "Oh, you really know?"

Being questioned, Lu Xu Nan wanted to retort "Of course, who are you looking down on", but pausing, he realized that his mind was filled with being good to Ning Yi, but specifically how he was going to do that, he could not say.

He paused for a long time, the space between his brows were wrinkled into the word 川 before he choked out: "Then…what do you say I should do?"

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Gqvla qkzzkdt bkxplzq okvb nsdqkeldnl qasx bkp kxytkdyvksd, Wydt Uk qkdyzzu alxlxclale yde ypjle, "Xb ulyb, Jasvbla Lyd, obu olal usw pweeldzu kd y bwaau vs alvwad vs vbl nzyppassx? Zsw fwpv ekvnble vbl cyzz yde ayd, ol eked’v byhl ldswtb rlsrzl yde pvsrrle rzyukdt."

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Tl bwxxle yde oyp fwpv ycswv vs pyu vs alvwad vs vbl nzyppassx obld bl blyae Wydt Uk clnsxl dskpu.

"Wwnj! Gx R byzzwnkdyvkdt?! Lkdt Zk ynvwyzzu rwv swv y oakvvld nbyzzldtl vs Zyd Hkuwd pyukdt pbl’zz elqkdkvlzu clyv bla kd vbl xkevlaxp??? Ls xyvvla bso xwnb usw nyd’v vbkdj vbkdtp vbaswtb, usw pbswzed’v awpb vs cl elqlyvle, aktbv?"

Hearing the first part, Lu Xu Nan was originally quite proud, but hearing the rest, he became unhappy. Frowning, he said, dissatisfied, "What rushing to be defeated? Do you know that Ning Yiyi won’t be able to defeat Yan Ziyun?"


Fang Ci wanted to say: Wasn’t this obvious? Why don’t you think about what rank Yan Xiyun is in the grade and what Ning Yi’s grades are? Even if a lover’s eyes have filters, this filter can’t be so thick!

But he looked at Lu Xu Nan’s face and didn’t dare say it, and reservedly said, "Uh…um, if it’s competing based on one’s luck on exams, the probability she will win is slim?"

Lu Xu Nan thought in his heart: that’s because you don’t know that Ning Yi is Number 1 God. He thought for a moment and didn’t say it in the end. He only mysteriously said, "You’ll know when exams are over."

Then, he took his phone out of his pocket and opened the group chat that he had long muted, flipping through all the unread messages. He discovered about two or three people said particularly unpleasant things and were also cracking jokes and goading one another like a comedic skit mocking and joking endlessly. Annoyed, he tsked, long pressed the message, and pressed reply…

To express that she was still not thoroughly coaxed, Ju Meng angrily grabbed two ice creams and let Ning Yi pay for them. After ripping the package open and taking two bites did she belatedly stamped her feet in anger: "Dang! Why are we still here eating, eating, eating? Go go go, hurry and go! While White Lotus Yan is still being interviewed, Yiyi, just directly shove your phone in her face! See how she can keep pretending, slap her face so hard it swells!!!"

She emotionally rushed out two meters away, felt something was off and looked back to find her two sisters hadn’t followed at all. Holding her ice cream, she stamped her feet, and, hating iron for not becoming steel, said, "Hey! Why aren’t you two anxious at all? Hurry up or the interview will end!"

Ning Yi lowered her head. Tearing the Cornetto packaging, she replied unhurriedly, "If it’s ended, then it’s ended~"

"Tsk! You piece of… rotten wood! This is really the eunuch in a hurry when the emperor isn’t!" Ju Meng glared at her and could only seek help from Mu Wanqing: "Mu Mu, tell her to stop eating, quickly drag her and follow me!"

Unexpectedly, Mu Wanqing glanced at Ning Yi, but didn’t move and instead blinked innocently at her. In her always gentle voice, she said, "Just let her interview. Only if she makes a bigger deal now will the face slap at the end hurt~"

"Eh…you’re right!" Ju Meng choked for a while. Running over and using the unopened ice cream cone to lift Mu Wanqing’s chin, she narrowed her eyes and clicked her tongue, "Little Mu Mu, I find that you’ve become a little baddie!"

Mu Wanqing lightly blushed at her words and rubbed the patch of cold skin. She shifted toward Ning Yi, and said in a small voice, "I actually wanted to say it when I rushed up in the classroom, I only reacted when Yiyi held me back…"


"Smart~ Such a quick reaction!" Ning Yi bumped her shoulder, smiling while she continued to explain, "Moreover, even if I say that I’m Number 1 God now, there probably won’t be anyone that believes me. If I post a screenshot in Moments, people will probably say things anyway and I can’t show them my account. Only announcing it after midterm grades come out will it be convincing."

"Damn! You two were actually feigning one thing while doing another1, and already pregnant from an affair 2! No way! I’m jealous!" Ju Meng then forcefully broke in between them, taking one in each arm.

Mu Wanqing corrected her with knitted brows, "Those two idioms aren’t supposed to be used like that…"

Ju Meng couldn’t care less, "Aiya aiya, it’s okay, as long as you understand what I’m saying! Anyway, let’s be clear, you’re not allowed to keep these kinds of things from me in the future! Otherwise, I won’t be as easy to coax as I was this time! Humph!"

"I guarantee that I’ll tell you first if anything comes up in the future, okay?" Ning Yi promised.

After being noisy for a while, the three girls very quickly reconciled. They sat in the garden, happily finished their ice cream, and only returned to the classroom when it was almost time for class.

The interview had long ended and the students that crowded together to watch the liveliness were also all back in their own seats. The moment the three of them walked in, the classroom became quiet for a moment and was very quickly filled with noisy discussion.

Mock, just mock, the more ruthlessly you mock now, the more your faces will hurt when grades come out! We’ll see if your chins drop from shock later!

This time, Ju Meng’s confidence was very much there, without half a grain of guilt. She only hated that time couldn’t pass more quickly, it was best if the test was tomorrow. When she returned to her seat, she found that the emphasis of everyone’s discussion seemed to be a little off.

"In the group chat, Lu Xu Nan…"

"Even God Lu is helping her…"


Huh? What’s going on with Lu Xu Nan?

Ju Meng turned around and asked the classmate behind her, "Zou Qin, what happened? Why is everyone talking about God Lu?"

Zou Qing seemed envious as she glanced at Ning Yi beside her and said, "You’ll know once you look in the class group chat."

Ju Meng left too hurriedly before so she didn’t bring her phone. Hearing this, she immediately pulled her phone from her desk to take a look…

She didn’t know before she looked, but once she looked, she was given a scare!

She scooted over to Ning Yi who was flipping through a book, her voice carrying gossip and excitement that couldn’t be suppressed: "Fuck, God Lu is verbally sparring for you in the group!"

Ning Yi: ?

Ju Meng immediately brought her phone and looked with her side by side.

It wasn’t quite verbal sparring, but when it came to Lu Xu Nan who, aside from the system notification when he joined the group, never spoke in the group again, suddenly jumping out and calling out several people was indeed a rare sight.

[L]: Reply to [XXX]: You’re so funny, anonymous mode was made to allow you guys to curse at people behind their backs? Calling people dumbass at the drop of a hat, do you not know how to write the word ‘education’?

[L]: Reply to [XXX]: Which eye do you see Ning Yi tempting and leeching off me? Can these two words be used like this? Your Chinese is so bad, I really doubt whether you graduated elementary school. If you can’t speak, then shut up. We grew up together and have a good relationship, is that in your way?"

It was a good while after these messages were sent before the person that scolded dumbass came out and replied. They were probably not reconciled, but still remained anonymous.


[XXX]: What? Weak and won’t let people talk about it? I don’t believe that there’s anyone in the group that hasn’t scolded someone while playing games. Isn’t Ning Yi here just like the weak chicken recklessly challenging the great god in games? If this isn’t a dumbass gambling to come out on top then what is it? Who are you blaming if you jumped out asking to be scolded on your own?

This time, Lu Xu Nan didn’t reply again, instead sending an independent message.

[L]: All of you who have the guts to scold people but don’t have the guts to not be anonymous, I’ll leave my words here in advance. Ning Yi will definitely win in the midterms. If you don’t believe me, then come out and bet with me with your real name. You can bet whatever, I will absolutely acknowledge it. Stop jumping around and hiding behind anonymity and stirring up a foul atmosphere in the class chat.

After this, no one spoke again in the group.

Ju Meng gave Ning Yi a poke and raised her eyebrow: "Tsk tsk, boyfriend power max ah~~~"

Ning Yi shivered at her words, but she was surprised that Lu Xu Nan would suddenly jump out to speak for her.

Ju Meng stroked her chin. Suddenly thinking of something, she lowered her voice and asked, "How is God Lu so sure you’ll win? He also knows that you’re mm, mm, mm? Hmph, so much for not wanting to tell anyone, why didn’t you keep it from him? No wonder God Lu came to you for help last time!"

If not for this, Ning Yi would also have forgotten that Lu Xu Nan also knew about this matter. She opened her mouth, about to say "this really was an accident too", but Ju Meng was already continuing on her own.

"Ah, I say, not long after your relationship got better, you suddenly started to study…so you guys already talked it out back then not to continue secretly pretending, isn’t it so?"

Ning Yi: "No…"

Ju Meng gave her a sour look and cut her off, "Okay, okay, I get it! Boyfriend and best friend are definitely not the same. You can even remember a casual sentence of his for two years, I don’t have the hope that you will place me above him either. I’m not a sister that’s randomly jealous, I’m good, right?"

Ning Yi who had already been too far misunderstood to be saved: "…Yes yes yes, you’re the best."

Hearing this, Ju Meng satisfactorily returned to her own seat.

Ning Yi returned to looking through the question book once again. After absentmindedly flipping a few pages, she still pulled out her phone.

Although Lu Xu Nan spoke for her in the group, just like when he sent her fireflies, she felt like something wasn’t quite right. But she couldn’t deny that seeing him come out and help speak for her, her heart felt warm.

[Don’t gain ten jins, not changing profile picture]: The matter in the group today, thank you.

The phone very quickly vibrated. Ning Yi unlocked it and took a look–

[Dog Lu woof woof woof [Poo]]: If you’re grateful, then play with your phone less in class. Don’t make me lose face with you when you fail when the time comes [Smile]

"Dog Lu woof woof woof [Poo]" withdrew a message.

[Dog Lu woof woof woof [Poo]]: You’re welcome, I did what should be done[Cute]

[1]暗度陈仓: (Baidu, Linguee trans)

[2]珠胎暗结: (Baidu,

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