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Chapter: 670

The Frog Magician

Chapter 670: The Frog Magician

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Jon and Akara returned to the ambush site and using their tracking skills, they tracked the ambushers to what they assumed to be the hideout.

Turns out the ambushers were just one faction of many and the location of the gang of Evil Ms is not anywhere near where they are. Jon let Akara hunt down all those people who were associated with the Fang Clan in this hide as her target of revenge while he took care of everything else.

During that night, the two of them decided to camp out near a creek and Jon sat camp while Akara bathed in the river. He had everything ready in his Cube Ring but he didn’t really want to spend the night in it since it takes from him the pleasure of sleeping outdoors.

He finished making a lot of meat skewers which he had been preparing their seasoning since the morning. As he laid them all on a big clean leaf, he put them on the rock that Akara was behind.

"Thank you." She said.

"You worked hard today." He replied and started eating his own share of meat skewers while dropping a couple of them in his Cube where Nefertiti and the Sin Artifacts were waiting for their share.

"It is a pleasure to work and have vengeance at the same time." Akara replied in an emotion Jon couldn’t understand.

"How was it?" He asked, "Revenge, I mean. You have been killing those Fang Clan people for quite a while now."

"Hmmm…" Akara started thinking, "How do I explain it to you, Jon? You have had revenge before, right?"

"Not for a loved one." He said, "I wouldn’t bear losing my people but once in the Reach, I had an accident with the Forsworn and I ended up hating them like no one else. I know that they, as an ethnic group, have faced oppression and injustice but what they did to me was unforgivable. I was never this angry when I killed them… very discriminately."

"Everyone knows of the site of the Battle of Forsworn-Jon Dare." She said.

"They call it that?" He asked.

"They tell of a man bringing the wrath of the Gods on every living being over there until he was taken by the Devils for the amount of blood he spilled." She said dramatically then peaked her head from behind the rock, "I know the true story, of course, I was a part of your rescue party back then."

"So… you’ve seen what I left behind?" He asked.

"Yes." She nodded, "Yours was a revenge of a man who is capable enough despite being weakened. I don’t know what you did but you were a raging menace. I thought of my revenge back then and realized that there are two kinds of Revenge. Hot-blooded and cold-blooded."

"Mine was hot-blooded?" He asked.

"As hot as they come, Jon." She replied, "It takes the pleasure away from vengeance."

"What about the cold-blooded?" He asked.

"That was the type of vengeance I learned from your mother Hilda." Akara replied, "During the time when you were lost, Hilda Firemane devastated the clans of Forsworn and her former enemies very systematically. I joined her force for a while and let’s say… I learned a lot."

"Glad to see you all vengeful and blooded." Jon laughed.

"It is the best feeling." She said, "Revenge is a dish best served cold and a cold blood vengeance is way better than a bitter bloody rage. You should try it." She said.

"All my enemies are six feet deep." He replied.

"Oh, I forgot." She laughed, "Your reputation makes your enemies bury themselves before you can reach them so that you don’t sacrifice them to the Daedra."

"It only happened once, come on." He said.

"Still, you’re unlucky that you can’t bask in the glory of your vengeance and feel its warmth covering your face, body, and soul." She said.

"Just don’t say that with my meat in your mouth." Jon laughed naughtily while saying so.

Akara paused and looked at him with a blank face after how he slyly used his words before doing something that truly surprised him.

She walked out from behind the rock naked and a smile could be seen in front of her face as she slowly approached him.

"You keep teasing me like that, Jon Dare, and I may actually think about something nice to do with you in our free time."

Jon basked in the glory of the naked Akara and backed his head down a bit to have her entirety in the view of his eyes.

"You look gorgeous." He said.

Akara’s body was something he saw for the first time. It was well-toned and very athletic as if he was in front of a fitness model.

"I was always your childhood crush, wasn’t I?" She asked.

"I won’t deny it but I wasn’t drawn to anyone under 18 back then." He said.

"Really? I almost thought you were always curious about me." She said, "Too bad then."

She turned away and was about to grab her clothes but they immediately disappeared.

"Nice trick." She smiled now that she got Jon on the initiative.

"I’ll teach it to you." Jon said with an obvious grin while checking out Akara, "I still have plenty of clothes on me."


The same night Jon and Akara were having a party in the woods, there was a commotion happening around Riften.

"You want to catch me? I, the greatest Smuggler in Tamriel? You dream too big for mere Hold Guards." Said an Argonian while he ran from the guards in the streets.

"Halt! You have committed crimes…" And when a guard blocked his way…

"Yeah! Go fuck yourself!" The Argonian jumped into the canal from the bridge in front of the Bee and Barb Inn before swimming away faster than any non-Argonian can even run.

And not too far from him…

"Watch me, people of Riften, as I turn this child into a frog." Said a Magician as he cast an actual spell on a child from the crowd in front of his mother.

"NOOO!" Screamed the mother.

"It’s magic! It’s FUCKING Magic!" A member of the audience shouted.

"Turn the kid back to human!" Shouted another.

"Mom! Where are you?" The voice of the kid came muffled to the ears of the crowd.

"Son! You can speak to me… even when you are a frog?" The mother held the big frog in her hands and cried out, "I am sorry, son. Mother will avenge you."

"Hahaha!" The Magician laughed, "You have been fooled, my lady, for your real son isn’t a mere frog. It is here. Hidden in this box. I only made them switch places."

The Magician opened the box and the kid rolled out with hundreds of big frogs.

"Son! AAAACK!" The mother threw away the frog she was hugging when she realized that her son was in front of her.

"Don’t worry, my lady, your son may be as fat as a pig but a frog is still as good as…"

"Lair!" The audience became enraged.

"Trickster! You told us you are an entertainer." A member of the audience shouted.

"Of course, I am." The Magician said, "I am the best Entertainer in all Tamriel."

"Give us back our money!" Shouted the audience.

"How can this be?" The Magician argued, "I’ve already displayed my trick. There are no refunds, sir."

"Guards! Guards! This man practices magic in public." A man started shouting.

The crowd became enraged and the situation was getting out of hand. The guards nearby started getting closer to investigate what was going on and people started pointing at the magicians and complaining.

"Alright, alright. You all want your money?" The Magician asked while holding the bucket that was filled with Copper and Silver Septims, "Fine! Take it all."

The Magician flung his arms while holding the bucket and the coins inside started flying out immediately.

Just as the coins spread midair and the entire audience looked up with gleaming eyes, the coins paused before they fell as if they were defying gravity and remained up there.

It was then when a strange deformation started to occur to the coins as they started to pop like popcorn inside a hot pot and the result of that pop started to fall on the ground.

Hundreds of small coins all did that and once they fell, they all turned to coin-size small frogs.

"KYAAAA!" Shouted a pretty girl in the audience that had frogs all over her hair.

"Get them off me!" Shouted a man who freaked out and started running away.

Each and every member of the audience either started screaming or running away but in extreme cases, some would faint, some would freeze in place, and some would actually be chill about it.

"Hahaha! Witness the power of the Frog Deity that I bought from the Coral Isles." Laughed the Magician in ecstasy as he held out a strange stone idol of a dignified looking frog, "Legend has it that once you get bitten by a Frog blessed by this deity, you will turn into… a FROGMAN!"

"What’s a frogman?" A member of the audience shouted in a terrified voice.

"A frogman does whatever a frog can." Replied the Magician.

"Guards, save us from him. He has cursed us!" Shouted another audience member.

At that moment, the guards were charging from every corner to hunt the Frog Magician that plagued Riften On the other hand, the ‘s good people with the Frog Curse. The Magician, however, didn’t seem to be willing to give up.

"People of Riften. Accept the Frog as one of your own. This society has been built on the riverside but you have always despised and looked down on frogs without knowing what they are, without knowing how they feel, or for how long they suffered. People of Riften, I won’t stop till you accept the Frogs as…"

"Catch him!"

"Surround him!"

"Catch him and surround him and send him to jail!"

"Evil Mages! We don’t want you in our city!"

"Throw him to the slaughter fish in the lake!"

Glymet, the Frog Magician, realized that his purpose had been achieved and he gathered the attention of as many guards as he could in the city. This may actually count as his win.

Immediately, he started running away from the guards and during his escape, he ran into Swims-at-Night, who just jumped out of the canal.

"HA! I won the bet." Glymet said.

"Really? You said this was a magician competition, right?" Swims said before looking at the guards that were coming after Glymet, "That’s all you could attract?"

"It was fun." Glymet said, "I don’t see any guards coming after you."

Swims smirked as he raised his hands in surrender.

"Just wait for them." He said and a few seconds later a hoard of guards poured out from all the streets surrounding the two of them.

"Holy shit!" Glymet exclaimed while raising his arms to surrender to his pursuers.

"By the way, what did you do?" Swims asked as the two of them were being caught.

"A Frog Magician, and you?" Glymet replied.

"A Smuggler Magician. I went to the Jarl’s court and told her that with my powers, I can make anything disappear." Swim’s said, "For example, her daughter’s virginity."

"Whoa!" Glymet was amazed.

"I was referring to her son." But Swims explained himself.

"Pffft!" Glymet couldn’t hold his laughter.

"What about you?"

"I turned things to frogs obviously."


"That, my friend, is what you call an unlimited capacity for Shenanigans. And some Illusion magic."

Shenanigans, a practice that was passed down among all of the Elder Scrolls series protagonists.

Still, the two of them managed to get a free ticket for the Dungeon of Mistveil Keep of Riften.


A/n: 13 Early Access Chapters on P4treon and MORE! ➡️ ⬅️

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