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Chapter: 944

In Command

Chapter 944 - In Command

When the magus captain and his team left the venue, Emery was quickly faced with the glares of four different individuals. The genius of the Nephilim faction, Eesho Nephilim; the Dragon bloodline protege, Zach Talon; and the two girls who present at the meeting, Vida Themary and Jinkan Nephilim.

The two boys didn't seem to care about the fact he had just been appointed as the Commander-in-Chief by the magus captain. On the other hand, the girls were the complete opposite.

Vida, who was clearly still emotional, stared fiercely at Emery and asked, "So, what is your order?"

Unfortunately for her, Jinkan swiftly intervened before anything could be said. "Don't say anything. It's best if you don't give any orders at all.. Now that you have been assigned as Commander-in-Chief, I can't help but think that any of your orders would only affect our points."

Unexpectedly, the Bird of Prey wasn't willing to back down. She responded Jinkan's words with a smirk on her face. "Yes, of course. That will certainly be the case… if you don't follow the order"

As the two girls continued bickering and throwing harsh remarks at each other, Emery couldn't help but notice that Jinkan seemed to be more anxious about this matter than when they were facing the monstrous Royal Centipede.

Eventually, the irritated Nephilim girl turned her gaze to Emery and stared at him so intensely as she said

"I'd rather the new Commander-in-Chief not to give stupid orders lest it sabotage all of us! Otherwise, it's better to rescind your authority and give it to me!"

Upon hearing that, it was Vida's turn to stare fiercely at Emery as she said, "Don't be a moron and do such a thing!"

Facing the two fierce girls, Emery couldn't help but silently let out a helpless sigh at the situation that had befallen him. Contrary to what they were thinking, he actually and absolutely had no interest in leading them nor making trouble with any of them.

Nevertheless, now that he had been given such a responsibility, he had to try his best to undertake and complete it. Thus, he came between the two bickering girls.

Staring at Jinkan, Emery said calmly, "Rest assured, I will not get in your way. However, we all heard that the magus did order the evacuation earlier, therefore as long as you have a plan for this, then I won't intervene and leave you to it."

After hearing Emery's words, Jinkan looked relieved. Then, she proceeded to boast about the 3 million survivors that she had managed to gather in the city. Apparently, the Nephilim girl had the same idea of rescuing as many survivors as possible.

Her thoughts were basically the same as Emery's, that doing this objective would earn the most amount of points for the entire platoon. She preferred not to be bothered with other tasks, which was why she had been vehemently against the idea that Emery was giving her orders.

"Let me tell you this, my platoon is currently being watched by my faction, so I intend to impress them by getting the highest points out of all 9 platoons on this test!" Jinkan said to Emery.

Emery could clearly see her seriousness in the matter and finally realized what her real intention was. The girl certainly has not interested in the survival of the natives of the planet Andora. Everything she did was for the sake of getting more points.

However, he didn't impeach her.

After all, even though the reason for her actions wasn't exactly right, at least she did something that helped others. In fact, as long as her actions were able to save more people, Emery had absolutely no problem with her goal.

Vida, on the other hand, looked distraught when talking about the evacuation. The 2nd Platoon apparently did not have a specific task prepared. In the past 9 days, they had only been busying themselves with earning points by killing the Abyss creatures.

The Bird half-blood instead glared at Jinkan for luring three of her captains into doing the Nephilim's bidding and gathering the survivors for the 1st Platoon. Unfortunately, the words Jinkan spoke in response to her complaint only infuriated her even more.

"It's not my fault if you can't keep your men in order!"

Vida got emotional once again and said, "Okay, whatever! No order then! Everyone just go and do their own things!"

Jinkan didn't respond to Vida's words. Instead, she looked at Emery and said, "What do you think about that, Commander?"

Emery realized what the Nephilim girl was doing, Even so, he couldn't refute her since he did have the same idea as her.

He turned to Vida and calmly said, "No, Vida. I hope that in the next 24 hours you and everyone else in Platoon 2 will focus on rescuing as many survivors as possible. This is my order."

A groan escaped Vida's mouth, but Emery's gaze stopped her from doing further. "I understand," answered the Bird of Prey, accepting the order. Then, she left together with Zach who was also part of Platoon 2.

After the two left, Emery shifted his gaze to Jinkan who was all smiley. She said, "Good, now you should just give the command to me"

Emery had no intention of giving more orders, even so, he would not pass the authority away as he believed that handing over the responsibility entrusted to him was just irresponsible.

He firmly reject and once again made Jinkan irritated. "If you don't want to give it, Just make sure that you don't mess with me!" That's the last thing she said before she and Eesho left the room.

Emery once again heaved a deep sigh when they all finally left. Alas, he didn't have time to laze around. Remembering that he also had a base to protect, he decided it was time to return to the western continent, to where Julian and others were.

However, just as he stepped out of the room, a figure suddenly stopped him. Emery looked at the other party and realized that it was Magus Bellaine who had stopped him. The female magus still looked somewhat melancholic when she said.

"Now that you are the Commander-in-Chief, I and my men will follow your orders."

Although quite surprised by this unexpected boon, Emery definitely wouldn't refuse more manpower that he could use. However, what surprised him, even more, was what Magus Bellaine did next.

"Commander, I'm giving this to you for safekeeping until the mission is over"

As she said that, Magus Bellain took out a crystal glass that had 4 glowing butterflies in it and handed it to Emery.

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