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Chapter: 956

Battle of Andora

Chapter 956 Battle of Andora

Emery stood at the tower while his gaze once again overlooked the northern horizon. A grim expression could be seen on his face.

Thanks to his enhanced senses, he was able to clearly tell even from a distance that the hordes were merely 100 miles away from reaching the base. This indicated that the group had at most 30 to 40 minutes left to prepare before another round of battle began.

In the meantime, he took the chance to check the data from the device in his hand.

[Personal Points Ranking]

[Rank 11 - 734,262 Points]

[Squad Points Ranking]

[Rank 31 - 2,402,621 Points]

[Survivors: 6,723,129]

[Acolyte Casualties: 123]

He immediately skimmed through the rankings as he didn't care about the points at all at the moment; that was the last thing on his mind. What Emery was intently looking for was the casualty number.

In just the last 12 hours, the total number of casualties the acolytes suffered after being sent to Andora planet had increased threefold.

Of the added 80 casualties, 20 of them came from his Platoon 3. Even so, the fact that more than 60 acolytes from the other platoons also fell victim to this disaster proved that the two platoons were dealing with problems that were comparable to what they were facing.

Thinking about the high-rising metallic walls and comprehensive defensive measures of the Platoon 1 base, Emery quickly assumed that it was Platoon 2 that had suffered many casualties and faced such a much bigger crisis.

There were now 25 acolytes of the Platoon 3 that had been teleported away from the planet, leaving the remaining 278 acolytes left spreading out within the base, anxiously waiting for the next incoming hordes.

At the moment, Roran and his Harlight members seemed to be the busiest as they were actively setting up the Plasma Turrets on the walls of the base. Julian, on the other hand, was occupied with the task of perfecting the traps that would be used against the incoming Abyss creatures.

While Emery was deep in thought, Anas of the Kaleos came approaching him. The man didn't come alone. He was followed by two dozen other acolytes, and came over with a very troubled expression on his face.

"This is just not possible, Emery. An hour or two maybe, but definitely not 6 hours!" shouted Anas, who was emotional because he had lost two of his Kaleos members in the last 4 hours.

Emery could only stay in silence upon hearing such a remark. At this very moment, he had no answer nor explanation for Anas, as he himself thought of the same thing. To win this battle, he would require a miracle.

Anas saw how Emery was silent and then proceeded, bursting all the emotions that had been building up in his chest by saying, "Emery, we had lost 25 acolytes! 25! And God knows how many of them actually manage to be saved by the alliance!"

This time, the words hit deep in Emery's mind. After a brief moment of silence, he finally shifted his gaze from the horizon and turned his attention to the troubled leader of the Kaleos, saying,

"Don't you think I know that?! I know and understand it very well, but what other option do we have?"

Emery turned around, his gaze stared at the mass of anxious survivors that filling up the base, and said, "Should we just step out and leave these millions of people to their doom?"

No one gave a response, not even the Kaleos leader. Emery then looked at one and each of them before continuing to speak in a commanding tone,

"This is exactly what we are trained for! we will stay and do our best to protect these people!"

There was still some resistance from the other acolytes, but Emery didn't falter. He knew he had to stay firm with his resolve since he had considered it to be the best plan of action in the situation. Giving them a little flexibility at this time would only cause more problems for the whole troops.

Klea was there standing next to Emery, and the Egyptian queen opened her mouth as well. "Anas, if you have another idea, speak up now." Her tone was earnest, but then her eyes gleamed. "But if you don't, stop whining! It really doesn't suit you."

Anas was rendered speechless after hearing all the remarks just now. However, there was nothing he could do to bring the lives of the dead acolytes back. As such, he only gave Emery a final look before he and his teammates returned to their posts.

Not long after Anas and his men left, Annara came to give Emery the latest report on the situation with a serious expression. Despite the fact that Emery had been waiting for it, his heart couldn't help but to feel anxious as soon as he caught a glimpse of Annara's expression.

"North, East, and West, all swarmed with hordes of Abyss creatures. What's more, it is estimated that there will only be two or three hours before the southern region is also overwhelmed. They are everywhere!"

Hearing this, Emery let out a heavy sigh. He was thinking about moving 3 million people with his Spatial Gate to a location that was more secure. He was aware that it was a desperate and crazy idea, especially with such a small window of time. Having said that, considering the current situation, it appeared that those ideas would not work as well.

Soon enough, the hordes already entered Emery's Spirit Reading range, and at the same time, one by one the Chizpur brothers returned to him.

After that, Emery turned to look at the glowing plant creature at the corner of the room.

Once again Emery used his [Nature Grasp] in order to deliver his thought to the being that entered Twik's body.

"If you have any other solution, now is the best time to act," said Emery, full of hope.

"Anything… anything at all, please"

Emery was still hoping that the offspring of the primordial wisp will be the key to their survival at the moment. He waited for a while, there was a certain reaction, but still no answer. As a result, he then directed his thoughts toward his little buddy.

"Twik, you hang on there, ok?"

At this point in time, the hordes were only a matter of dozens of miles away. This meant that the battle was about to start and everyone should get ready to be engaged in it.

[Time left: 0 days 11 hours 50 minutes]

Despite all of this preparation, however, it was most likely not going to be enough. Emery once again turned his attention toward the base, where millions of people were in fear, especially when the hordes closed in.

"They are here!!"

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