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Chapter: 962

Battle of Andora 5

Chapter 962 Battle of Andora 5

In a certain place 10 miles away from the Platoon 3 base, a group of fifty or so acolytes clashed against countless Abyss creatures, fighting tooth and nail, from within four towering towers that surrounded the Magus Alliance's transport.

The transport was a massive pitch-black construct, standing at about 300 meter high to the sky with a 60 meter diameter base. Its base was pierced deep into the ground, as if it had taken root at the planet itself.

Right now, dozens of swarms of Abyss creatures were relentlessly crashing into the construct, intent on bringing it down. However, they quickly shrieked and writhed in pain as searing purple flames appeared and engulfed everything around them.


Within such a chaotic scene of battle, a particular person - a young man - flew around the construct with his body covered in the same purple flame that incinerated dozens of creatures. He laughed as the purple flame danced around his control and killed all the creatures piled up around the construct with ease.

"Why are we protecting this transport again? These things can't even make a scratch on it," said the man as he watched another horde of creatures crash their bodies into the construct. "Look at them! They all came to my flame like a bunch of moths. Hahahah!"

A bigger-looking, stage 4 Roacher from the newly-arrived horde would crash its body against the construct over and over. Unfortunately, its attempts were simply fruitless. The Abyss creatures simply couldn't do anything to the construct, and thus made the group wonder if they even needed to protect the transport at all.

Especially so, after they heard a huge explosion from the direction of the base a few minutes ago.

"Everyone, maybe we should go back and help out at base?, I think they can definitely accept some extra help." said Gerri, still talking nonstop even though he was in the middle of a battle.

"We have our order! Stop yapping around and go kill more of them if you have energy to spare!" Anas shouted from one of the towers, as he was the one in charge of the group sent to defend the transport.

Excluding the irregular called Gerri, the other acolytes that were scattered across the four towers continued to fight off the Abyss creatures from within the scope of protection the tower provided.

Those who excelled in close combat fought from on the tower's second floor, while the ranged spell casters and attackers attacked from the third floor.

Anas honestly thought the task of defending the construct was much easier than defending the base, even though the number of people he had were not many. After all, so far, they didn't really have anything to defend other than the tower they were in.

Hence he was actually quite happy that he was assigned to this place.

Unfortunately, his happiness was cut short when he noticed that the beautiful girl who had been firing lightning bolts at the horde of creatures had suddenly stopped. He saw how her expression changed, and his hunch proved correct when he heard what she said.

"Something is coming, and it is coming fast!"

Moments after the girl spoke, the ground in the surrounding area shook so violently that it could be seen by the eye.

Numerous cracks abruptly appeared and several stage 5 Reavers shot out from the ground, shaking the ground as their massive build landed. These creatures didn't come alone, as hundreds of other Abyss creatures rushed out of the holes they had made.

"What is going on?! Why are there so many all of a sudden!?"

Anas was panicked and quickly took out all the weapon artifacts he had and threw them at the approaching Abyss creatures. A collection of golden disks swiftly flew through the air and killed the Abyss creatures they hit; however, compared to the hundreds of creatures that existed, the few dozen that died looked like nothing.

After emerging from the ground, the several stage 5 Reavers looked dazed for a moment. But soon enough, they turned their attention to the most eye-catching thing in the area - the transport.

Seeing the huge 20 meter tall Reavers, several of them, furiously charging at the construct, everyone instantly became panicked. For a moment, they were at a loss as to what to do. But luckily, some quickly assessed the situation and took action.

Orion swiftly cast a buff spell on his brother Orycon, as the latter leapt from the tower he was in and intercepted the rushing creature with his huge blade. Lightning crackled around his body as he used his battle art skill.

[Nine Thunder Sword Skill]

As his body landed and sped across the ground, the master swordsman brought his sword low before violently jerking it upwards, towards the huge creature's body. The sword slash flashed past and stopped the Ravager's advance, as its right leg and parts of its body were cut off.

While the Ravager's body fell to the ground, Orycon didn't remain still. He quickly spun his sword, regaining his sword stance, before unleashing a flurry of slashes that sliced ​​the creatures into pieces. The moment he stopped, the fallen Ravager's body was no longer intact and was scattered everywhere on the ground.

"Arrrghh!!" Orycon roared loudly, releasing the fighting spirit he had. "Who's next?!!"

As if they understood what he was saying, two stage 5 Ravagers quickly stepped forward and shot toward the swordsmen in unison. Rocks and dirt flew everywhere as their huge feet pounded the ground.


A loud dull sound resounded through the air as the two 20 meter tall creatures were suddenly stopped by two monstrous figures. The largest duo of Platoon 3, the two Goat bloodline half-blood, Igor and Ivar, had the two Ravagers in place using only their bare arms.


The two growled as they used their bloodline transformation ability and transformed into a 5 meter tall hairy figure with two large curved horns and arms at least five times larger than that of a normal human's.

The Ravagers tried to escape from Igor and Ivar's clutches, but with the increased strength the latter's transformation brought, they were unable to break away nor move the bodies of the two in the slightest.

Seeing the golden opportunity, Orycon immediately stomped his feet and darted towards one of the Ravagers that the two Goat half-bloods had subdued. With its body locked in place, the Ravager could do nothing but watch helplessly as its body was violently slashed by the swordsman's blade.

While the Ravager that Igor had subdued was destroyed by Orycon's blade, the other one that Ivar had suppressed was also not without care. A shadowy figure appeared out of thin air, a pair of black, non-reflective daggers in their hands. Within seconds, they killed the Abyss beast by attacking all its weak points in quick succession.

"Alright! 50,000 points for me! Thank you!" shouted Aiko the Jade Flash in excitement before once again her body turned invisible to the eye.

In the other tower opposite to the tower where Orycon and the Goat half-bloods were currently at, massacre was not a sufficient word to describe the situation there.

The holder of the Titan bloodline, Sigurd, once again displayed his astonishing strength. He was seen in a berserk state with a large axe at hand, killed one Ravager, and immediately battled another. Around him, corpses of various Abyss creatures killed by him were scattered everywhere.

More and more Abyss creatures emerged from the ground as if they were endless. The situation became even more chaotic when thousands of Abyss creatures on the yellow plains decided to join the fray.

With their sudden overwhelming number, Abyss creatures managed to overrun one of the four towers, Three identical figures were seen still shooting energy bullets from their firearms when the tower crashed down to the ground.

"No!" shouted the Egyptian queen hysterically seeing friends in trouble.

Klea immediately rode her thunderbird and flew towards the fallen tower, hurling her destructive spells at the Abyss creatures around the wreckage to try to save the three Zaiou acolytes and as many other acolytes as possible. Unfortunately, the Abyss creatures were too numerous and a few of them were unable to escape their fate.

Seeing the current situation, Anas quickly realized how grave their plight was and quickly shouted, "We won't be able to hold them back! Everyone, retreat!"

As soon as those words left his mouth, Anas's body froze as he felt a terrifying presence. It emitted a pressure far more powerful than any he had ever felt, and it took him only a moment to realize what it was.

"No!! Why is it coming here?!!"

An enormous crack appeared on the ground, and in the next moment, the earth exploded like a volcano. A huge abomination rose from the ground until its body towered above all, terror and despair were visible in everyone's eyes the moment they saw it.

The stage 7 Abyss creature, the Royal Centipede, had made its appearance.

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