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Chapter: 963

Battle of Andora 6

Chapter 963 Battle of Andora 6

The sudden arrival of the massive stage 7 Abyss creature stunned everyone in the area without exception. An eerie silence abruptly ensued, before the advent of mayhem as everyone panicked at the overwhelming view and oppressive atmosphere the creature exuded. Especially for the one in charge of the group, Anas.

The man had completely froze as if time had stopped for him. His mouth wide open as his bulged eyes stared in shock at the creature looming over the sky above them.

Other than Sigurd, those who were present in this place had never seen the terrifying Royal Centipede before, but with just a glance, they knew that the creature was something out of their league - an opponent that they couldn't beat.

Unfortunately for them, their hunch was correct. After all, the golden centipede towering over them at the moment was an existence that could defeat an entire squad consisting of Magus Alliance's magus enforcers.

Without much thinking, almost like an instinct, Anas shouted loudly for all his comrades to hear.

"Retreat! Everyone, retreat!!"

The young noble of Kaleos had never been this afraid before in his life. In fact, he was ready to just abandon everything and run away when he saw that Klea was still flying in the air between the huge Abyss creature and the transport behind her.

"Klea, what are you doing?!" Fear was evident in his eyes as his mind imagined the dire consequences they would have to face if the creature was angered by her actions. "I said retreat!"

"We have to stop it, Anas! We cannot let it destroy our only way out of this mess!"

Anas became even more panicked. For a moment, he couldn't believe why the girl would do such a thing. Fortunately, it seemed he was the only one who thought so.

A blazing figure that seemed to be thinking the same idea as Klea streaked swiftly through the air.

Gerri the Violet Flame had decided to throw a barrage of his purple fireballs from the distance. And as if he was afraid that wasn't enough, the man took a step further and taunted the creature with condescending remarks.

"You ugly little shit! Come over here!!"

However, it seemed that the attacks Gerri threw had zero effect on the creature, or that it simply didn't care about him at all. Either way, the creature continued to its advance towards the construct.

As for Klea, even though she had just gone through a battle that had exhausted her completely, having seen the acolytes that died at the hands of the Abyss creatures with her own eye, despite being afraid she braved herself to stop the creature from dooming the rest of them on this planet.

She quickly took out a ring with a light blue gem that gave off a slight glow, and without the slightest hesitation, she crushed it apart. In an instant, a mist of energy appeared and entered her body, rapidly filling her empty Spirit Pool.

The ring was the medium that Klea used to store her own spirit energy. She made it herself by utilizing her new Rank A spell [Recharge].

Moments later, her empty Spirit Pool had been refilled. Immediately after, she cast her other Rank A spell [Spirit Explosion]. The spell took effect and it greatly increased her spell prowess, whereupon she quickly started chanting a Tier 5 spell.


A chilling breeze swept past before they quickly turned into a powerful gust. The cold gust then continued to intensify until it eventually grew into a massive ice storm that engulfed every inch of distance separating Klea and the enormous Abyss creature.

The air was completely shrouded in a cold cloudy mist and filled with powerful gusts of wind. The dry ground was quickly covered with a layer of ice as if it was winter, while the bodies of Royal Centipede as well as the hundreds of other Abyss creatures that had entered the storm began to freeze.

The Egyptian queen wasn't trying to kill the stage 7 Abyss creature. Instead, the spell was chosen to halt the huge creature's advance, delaying it for as long as possible until help arrived.

And apparently, Klea was successful in doing so. Only not as long as she initially hoped.

Silence fell suddenly as Royal Centipede and the other Abyss creatures were trapped in the ice. But moments later, faint rattling and crackling sounds began to be heard before eventually a loud explosion occurred as the Abyss creature broke free and shot straight at the tired Egyptian Queen.

"Run, Klea!! RUN!!" Anas shouted in horror, as he watched the monstrosity getting closer and closer to her.

Dozens of scythe-like arms shot at her at breakneck speed, intending to rip her body to pieces. Fortunately, the thunderbird she was riding on managed to keep her out of harm's way. It flapped its wings and dodged into the sky.

Klea managed to escape unscathed from this brief confrontation, but the same couldn't be said for her summon. One of the Royal Centipede's arms managed to land and gash its body. Because of that, after bringing Klea a few meters into the sky, the thunderbird dissipated.

The abruptness and shock threw Klea down to the ground.

Dozens of Crawlers and Lurkers swiftly charged towards her with bloodlust. But luckily, a female figure appeared out of thin air in front of her and started to kill all the approaching Abyss creatures with the two daggers in her hands.

Looking at the back of that familiar figure, Klea said while panting. "T-thank you, Aiko…"

"Girl… You are a VIP, you know. We can't let you get hurt." Aiko said after she made sure all the Abyss creatures that attacked them were killed. "let's quickly run away from here!"

At that time, the Royal Centipede was already very close to the two girls. In fact, it only needed to cross a few more meters before its scythe-like arms tore through their bodies. However, before it could do that, a figure ran past the two and slammed a large axe towards the Abyss creature while using a powerful battle art.

[Soul Shaker]

Numerous flashes of light appeared, which were quickly followed by successive sharp sounds in the air. Royal Centipede was stopped in its tracks, as it was suppressed by a relentless barrage of axe strikes that could shatter the ground with ease.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The skill [Soul Shaker] that Sigurd was demonstrating at this time was proven to be sufficient to restrain a Bone Dragon during the Magus Game, and it seemed the same result was also the case this time around.

At the same time, two large figures dashed towards the creature's sides and threw huge metal chains around its massive body. Igor and Ivar swiftly caught the chains that were thrown at them, and immediately tugged at them to restrain the creature's movement.

The cooperation between the Titan Bloodline and the two Goat bloodline half-bloods had successfully stopped the Royal Centipede's advance. It was of course trying to wriggle its way out, but it would definitely need some time to break free from its shackles.

Seizing this golden opportunity, the swordsman Orycon leapt into the air and landed on the head of the Abyss creature. He spun the huge sword in his hand and thrust its tip downwards, channeling a lightning spell through the sword to help restrain the creature further.


The Royal Centipede let out a loud shriek as its struggle grew even more fierce.

"Are you all crazy?!! Retreat, right this instant!" Anas shouted from afar, unable to believe the sight his eyes were seeing at this moment.

Just like what the young noble Kaleos had feared and predicted, the creature was simply too much for them. The expressions of Sigurd, Igor and Ivar quickly changed as they realized that cracks were starting to appear rapidly in the chains.

Seconds after the realization, the centipede managed to break free from the chains that were holding it back. Seeing this, Sigurd and the others quickly tried to retreat. Alas, before they could even do so, something unexpected happened.

A surge of energy suddenly exploded from the monstrous Abyss creature, and instantly paralyzed everyone it hit. A look of horror appeared on Anas' face when he saw this.

"Psyche attack!"

The closest people to the creature received the greatest impact, and were completely unable to move their bodies at all. All of these extraordinary acolytes could only watch helplessly as the terrifying creature rose and loomed over them.


The first victim was Orycon, who helplessly fell from the top of the centipede's head. His body smashed into the ground and raised a cloud of dust before he was swiftly pinned down and cut in half.

Next were the two half-bloods who quickly received multiple holes in their bodies as the centipede attacked with its scythe-like arms.

Spllaatt Spllaatt!!

It was a shocking and traumatizing sight to see one's comrades die before their eyes without being able to do anything about it. Tears streamed down her cheeks as Klea screamed hysterically.


Right at that moment, another ripple of energy was felt, causing despair to appear on everyone's faces. Everyone without exception thought that it was another of the monster's psyche attack when it was actually something else.

It was a distortion of space

Following it, a portal opened right in front of Klea. From within stepped out a half-man, half-wolf figure with a dark blade in one hand and the other covered with a glowing wooden armor.

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