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Chapter: 965

Buying Time

Chapter 965 Buying Time

Over the past five days, Emery had continuously created a Spatial Gate that was much larger and wider than how he usually cast it. On top of that, he also had to maintain it for much longer than he used to.

As he was thinking of a way to deal with the imminent stage 7 Abyss creature, an idea popped up in his mind.

What if he used [Spatial Gate] to send this difficult opponent away?

It would most likely not be an easy task to accomplish, but it was certainly not impossible. The problem was, he knew from experience that if the other party was unwilling to pass through the gate and resisted, it would affect his spell quite greatly and in the worst case scenario the spell would backfire, hurting him instead.

Emery experienced this once again when the hundreds of survivors pushed around the Spatial Gate afraid and unwilling to enter the gate as they were completely consumed by panic trying to escape from the Abyss creatures, but he managed to slowly get used to it in the end.

The idea of his was far from guaranteed to be successful, but it was the only feasible one he had and could think of at the moment. If he could really send the creature a hundred miles away, the base would be safe from the creature for quite a while, buying them time.

As for what they would do once the creature came again after being successfully banished, if they still hadn't found a better solution, Emery could once more attempt to send it away again to buy them more time.

[Spatial Gate]

Emery understood very well that he only had one chance, so he couldn't mess it up. To make this happen, he needed to cast a considerably large Spatial Gate of approximately 50 meters in diameter, and he needed to do it fast.

Apart from giving it his all, Emery could only hope that the spell power boost given by the Twilight Transformation would be able to help him enough to make a difference.

"I know I can't kill you, but let's see if I can at least send you away!"

As Emery clasped both his palms together, the ground in the surrounding area immediately began to tremble. Right at the next moment, dark light runes appeared and the space under the huge creature distorted.

"Arrggh! Human… you… dare…"

The huge creature screamed in pain and glared at Emery. However, its stare didn't last long as it soon focused its attention on resisting the Spatial Gate's pull.

The creature was obviously in pain, but the pain Emery felt was not any less.

As expected, as soon as the centipede's body began to submerge into the Spatial Gate and resist, Emery's spirit energy immediately backfired and plunged his spirit core into chaos. He felt as if he was being mercilessly torn apart from the inside without end, but he gritted his teeth and endured the excruciating pain.

He had to. However, the pain was much more excruciating than he thought. Even with all his willpower and numerous experiences of enduring painful sensation, he still couldn't hold himself back from trembling and curling up a little.

'I can't keep this up for long.'

Without a second thought, Emery burst all his power to once again force the Abyss creature into the gate. He had naturally anticipated that this plan would not be easy to complete, but he had not expected that it would be this difficult.

In the meantime, Gerri and Sigurd were still fighting in the vicinity to keep the other Abyss creatures around him from closing in. Emery was certainly grateful for the initiative of both of them, as he really needed all the concentration he could get.

Five minutes had passed, but Emery was only able to submerge the Abyss creature one meter deep into the Spatial Gate.


'I'm not going to be able to make it!'

After a quick calculation, Emery realizes that his Spirit Pool would have to be emptied at least a few times before he could completely pull the creature in.

It turned out that this plan wasn't possible.

Emery heaved an unstable sigh. He was ready to let go of the spell when all of a sudden, a figure jumped next to him. He had thought that this person had left the area, but it seemed that wasn't the case.

It was Orion, who had just seen the death of his brother.

"Commander, if you need extra power, I can help you!" He said with determination.

For a moment, Emery wondered what Orion meant by his words when it quickly hit him. He had almost forgotten about the Divine Spell the other party had that could greatly boost one's ability. When he heard Orion's words, he was reminded of how it helped him defeat the Bone Dragon during the Magus Games.

Seeing a slight nod coming from Emery, Orion began to chant a series of incomprehensible chants. Moments later, his palms created a rune that glowed brightly. Immediately after, it entered Emery's body.

[Divine-Rank Spell - Blessing and Curse]

[Significantly increases the degree of spirit force and battle power at the cost of one's health.]

This skill was perfect for Emery. With his innate ability [Undecaying Flesh] that came with his Fey Transformation, Emery had no reason to worry about the spell cost.


The centipede creature was once again pulled down, this might be possible after all.

However, just a few meters after, the shining golden orb on top of Commander Raynor's corpse suddenly glowed bright and the stage 7 Abyss creature harshly pulled itself out of the Spatial Gate.


Emery had no other tricks on his sleeves. Desperate, he decided to speak through the spirit being inside the plant creature on his hand.

"If you have anything else, help us!"

Silence filled his mind for a few moments before Emery finally received a response. However, the message that he got from his [One Mind] was:


Emery was genuinely taken aback. At the moment he desperately needed help, not for himself, but for others; however, the spirit creature refused to lend a hand. A second after this interaction. his [Spatial Gate] spell was finally shattered, allowing the huge golden creature to break free, and he himself threw up blood from the pain.

Without anything else to stop the creature, Emery quickly used [Blink] and swiftly grabbed Sigurd, Gerri, and Orion before reappearing on a hill a few mile away from the transport, a small space without many Abyss creatures around.

Emery and the others could only helplessly watch as the tens of thousands of Abyss creatures rammed at the dark construct until finally, the centipede creature circled the construct and broke it apart to the point the construct was pulled out of the ground.

Feeling depressed, Emery once again asked the spirit being.


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