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Chapter: 743




The giant lizardman general fell into the ground motionlessly, his entire body covered in flames, as they slowly roasted his entire body, leaving out the smell of burnt flesh which might be rather appetitive to some. Hector heard the loud thud of the giant falling into the ground.

The monster was so strong and was so filled with stamina that it took a really long time to die, but it was thankfully slain by the power of the two new saviors… He had also done his part, and without him weakening the beast enough, the giant lizardman would had continued to rampage and could had killed many other people…

Hector felt like he wanted to sleep now, his entire body couldn't move an inch, and everything on him hurt, his breathing was getting slower, and his heart was also beating slowly. His mind felt numb, and he could barely open his eyes slightly, almost squinting them.

"Hahh… Ugh…" He muttered, looking into the night sky. He felt the warmth of the wolf carrying him over his back the fluffy fur was a good bed. And there was a lot of hard bark covering him, bathing his body with bright essence… However, this seemed to not be enough, he felt more and more weakened over time… His senses were fading away, his life… was slowly leaving his body.

Hector didn't seemed to be panicking, he was too tired to even panic, he simply felt sorrowful, happy that the monster was defeated, and that it seemed that the war against the unpredicted invaders was slowly coming to an end with the village intact, but sorrowful over his own personal desires which could not be fulfilled…

"Hahh… I wish… I wish I could… have seen you… one… last… time…" He muttered, his eyes slowly started to lose their light, as tears began to come out of them.

"Mi… minga…" He muttered the name of the girl that has been his heart ever since then, without caring if she was a lizardman and not a human, this girl had marked his life, she was his heart, she was… the one that made his dull childhood filled with life and entertainment, with colors, with life… with love.

He recalled her adorable smile, her happiness, her giggles, how she enjoyed the food he gave to her, and everything else she was… Hell, something as disgusting as eating bugs was cute when she did it.

His hand was cold, and it grew colder… He looked into the starry sky, as he recalled the little girl… He hoped that she could live a good life, and that she could forgive him for dying without meeting her again.

"Hahh…" He sighed.

However, in that last moment, his hand was suddenly grasped by other hands. They were slightly rough, covered in hard yet slim scales, they had long nails, and were not as delicate and soft as those of humans, but they were certainly delicate compared to the males of the hand's race.

"…Eh?" Hector suddenly realized someone was holding her hand, it was a slightly rough, rugose hand, but it was warm, this hand had grown bigger, but it was, without a doubt, very similar to the little hand of her… of the girl of her childhood that often held his hand as the two traveled across the jungle together, catching bugs and other critters.

"I can't believe it… It is really you…" Said the soft voice of a girl, as Hector faintly followed the voice, trying to look into the direction where it came from, finding a figure familiar to him, but that had maturated over the years. It still was as cute as before, but more mature, and beautiful.

Hector's eyes opened wide in shock, he didn't believe what he was seeing. For a moment, he thought he had died and was in the afterlife, this could only be something of the afterlife…

However, he was wrong, he was still alive, hanging up to life somehow, and Miminga was there with him, looking at him with a merciful look in her eyes, she seemed worried about him… But indeed, it was her.

"Miminga…? Ah… I-It can't be…" Hector said, as he looked into her eyes with shock.

Miminga's eyes began to cry tears of happiness as she tried to calm herself, taking out a red potion from her pocket and desperately forcing Hector to drink it.

"You're about to die, Hector, drink this, quickly!" She cried, as Hector began to chug down whatever she was giving to him, as he drank the strange, blood-flavored potion made out of the blood of an ice dragon combined with the oils of many healing herbs, Hector suddenly felt a boost to his total capabilities. His strength continued to increase several times, in mere seconds he began to recover, his stamina came back to his body quickly, his mana regenerated completely, and his senses were regained. He still feel painful, but even felt like he could move.

He forcefully broke out the barks surrounding his body, as the beautiful lizardman woman in front of him smiled warmly and lovingly, offering him another potion.

"Please, drink another, just to make sure…" She said.

"Ahh… M-Miminga…" He muttered, grabbing the potion and drinking it, once more, he felt his body revitalizing itself, his wounds closed, his muscles calmed down, even the pain on his head was gone, and his mind felt less numb and more calm… but his heart began to beat faster, and his face grew redder, his eyes shone with new light, as he looked at her…

He held her beautiful hands, which he found adorable, as he looked at her, he couldn't believe it, it was really her. Even after growing up, he still could easily recognize her… Such a slender neck, her beautiful and delicate snake-like head shape, which was a beauty amongst lizardmen already…

"Hector… Is it really you?" She asked.

"I-I am… Miminga, is it really you?" He asked.

"I-I am…" Said Miminga. "I-I was so worried… I-I am sorry for leaving… I… was forced…"

"Ah… No, I…" Said Hector. "I am happy to finally see you again… You've become so beautiful…"

"E-Eh? Beautiful?" Asked Miminga while flustered.

"Yeah, you've become such a beautiful woman…" He said.


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