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Chapter: 745



Miminga saw the little fang with a hole on it which was tied to a small piece of thread, she had gifted it to Hector because it meant a gift of friendship, friends often gifted this to one another in the tribe of lizardmen, it meant a strong bond as friends, but sometimes, it could also mean a romantic bond when it was between different sexes. A bond to keep forever, children that fell in love would gift this to someone and hope this person in the future would reciprocate their love and become their mate. Back then, Miminga had not done this just because of friendship, but as she carved this little fang, she put all her love and the passion she felt for this human, Hector…

She fantasized about one day marrying him and loving him as much as she had always wanted, to be accepted and be happy with him, to have a family, even, to be happy and become his wife… Back then she was just a little girl filled with illusions, but those years, which were almost five years of adventures with him and friendship really left a long-standing impression on her, she really loved him since long ago.

And even now, as she had matured, she couldn't help but think about it many times. She wished to one day meet him, but she never thought she would actually meet him once more, that there would be such a future ahead of her path, and now that she saw him right here, she couldn't help but feel like her mind was going crazy deep down… And she felt even more emotional as she saw that he kept her fang for all this time. In her tribe, this meant he reciprocated his feelings, and appreciated the little gift as his greatest treasure.

"Miminga, it is okay. I understand… I wish, I really wish it could had been different, but… there were no such circumstances back then… For now, we should wrap things up and after that, we can talk all we want, right? Are your parents okay with you having a human friend at least?" Wondered Hector, he wasn't even trying to take advantage of her, nor jumping into her like a pervert, he was asking politely if it was okay to at least be friends once more.

"Yes, it is okay…" Said Miminga. "M-my father is there." Said Miminga, pointing shyly at her father that was right behind Hector.

"AH!" Hector felt the intimidating aura of the tall lizardman, completely different looking than the delicate, slim, and even rather sexy Miminga, he was muscular and covered in very hard armor-like scales, a stoic very lizard-like head looked down at Hector… Kraxka's head could easily crush Hector's head with a single bite.

"S-Sir…" Muttered Hector.

"…So you're the one." Said Kraxka. "My name is Kraxka, I am Miminga's father… I… I apologize for having done what I did. It wasn't really my intention to make my daughter so sad over all these years… I've tried many times for her to find a mate to make a family but it is futile, she is stubborn and I cannot really go against her anymore."

Kraxka sounded rather defeated, as if Hector was a foe he had fought his entire life but that was never present there for him… In a way, it was kind of similar, as Hector's influence had remained in Miminga all this time, she never accepted another lizardman as a mate, and only thought about him.

"Sir Kraxka… T-That's… Miminga, is this true?" Asked Hector.

"Y-Yeah…" Said Miminga. "But… Did you do the same?" Wondered Miminga. "A-Are you married? If so, I won't try to get in the way or something! I-In fact, I would like to wish you a happy life…" Miminga looked at Hector sorrowfully, he was too handsome to not be married at this point.

"Married? Well… Not really, I never had any good relationship with any girl, and I couldn't really think of anybody but you…" Sighed Hector. "I ended spending so much time with you through my childhood, which I could had spend with other kids my age and girls, but I guess it was never wasted because they were the best years of my life." Hector gently petted the head of Miminga, just like those old times when he used to pet her adorable little head, when she was smaller than him, but she was now taller by around five centimeters and he had to stretch his arm to pet her.

"R-Really?!" Asked Miminga in surprise. "H-Hector… S-So we are the same then… D-Do we think the same then? Uwah, we better wrap this up quickly!" Miminga quickly grabbed her staff and was ready to fight, but most of the war was done by now… there was a last dozen of foes fighting desperately and that was it.

"Eh? It's already done…" Said Miminga.

"Well, I think we have to quickly assess things though, we can't let the corpses in here, and these monsters have a strange substance that is corrosive, so they need to be handled before they cause local fauna to mutate into monsters or something…" Said Hector.

"Y-You're right!" Said Miminga.

"I approve of your friendship with my daughter, or anything else if you two want to… It would be a nice way to connect both of our kins as well…" Sighed Kraxka. "You're very strong if you weakened that monster by yourself… So your strength is already approved, but whenever you fully recover, I'll challenge you to a duel to see if you're strong enough to protect my daughter again."

"I-I understand… I will do my best." Said Hector.

"Hmph, you got good eyes, a strong man gotta protect their woman." Said Kraxka. "You humans are feeble and scaleless, but I guess you got what it takes… Now let's finish this up." Said Kraxka as he, Miminga, and Hector, decided to move on. A bright future now awaited them as long as they kept striving forward with everything they had.


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