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Chapter: 746

Saved By Lizardmen


The battles wrapped up very quickly, and in just ten minutes, the last foes were slain, the people of the village finally gathered with the pastoralists mounting ice wolves, as they jumped out of their mounts. Most if not all of them didn't knew how to speak human tongue, so they were rather shy to speak with the people from the village. And although they helped and most of the villagers felt curious about them, from adventurers to mercenaries to guards and soldiers, most of the sect disciples looked at the lizardmen rather… scornfully.

For some reason, the sects taught their disciples to despise lizardmen or something, because they were oddly against them so much as one of them had ruined negotiations and called them all monsters. This was even more troublesome as the leader of this sect disciple group had done what caused all the lizardman to distance themselves from the rest of the people…

However, there was two who knew common tongue, the chief and his daughter, and both of them stepped in with Hector at the side of Miminga, so the people from the village wouldn't grow so intimidated.

"Please lower your weapons, we are not here to fight. We have decided to help you as these foes were common enemies of us, we live in the outskirts of the forest, when we saw that you were being attacked, we decided to lend you a hand… I am glad that you've survived." Said Kraxka politely, surprising everyone with his amazing common tongue mastery. Giants, elves, dwarves, humans, Majin, and beast-kin alike were all surprised as they heard him speaking.

"He can speak the common tongue!"

"Incredible, so lizardman can learn to speak so eloquently…"

"They're not monsters then?"

"Goblins are said to be humanoid monsters like lizardman, but even the most intelligent of them cannot learn the common tongue, they got the intelligent of a toddler at the end…"

"But this lizardman learned it and seems very intelligent…."

Although there were many people amazed and happy to hear him speak like a person, quickly thinking that lizardmen had been misunderstood all this time, another group, mostly the sect disciples and their relatives and friends seemed wary of Kraxka, treating him like an enemy. After all, they had just slain many lizardmen just now. How come this other one was good out of nowhere?

"Who are you anyways?! I don't believe you're a good guy, the lizardmen we just slaughtered were all trying to kill us! You helped us but what if you turn against us in the future, how do we deal with such a threat?"


"You're right…"

"We once fought you guys before because you threatened our village…"

"Your malicious chief wanted to probably eat our children or something."

"Lizardmen cannot be trusted, they're monsters."


They irrationally spoke nonsense, and even mentioned Kraxka's father, trying to provoke him so he would lose his cool, however, Kraxka remained calm, he had expected they would use such tricks, this is because he knew that there was both good and bad people. He cannot expect to only find good people out there, bad people will always show up, ready to try to ruin your life for their own benefit one way or the other.

"Unlike the savages we slain, my tribe is called Pastoralist. We are not savages and we have our own cattle as well, we hunt and gather for survival. My father was the chief that was slain, he was a good man, that got falsely accused of being a monster that wanted to eat children, it was all a lie, he was a good man that taught me to be a good person… And to forgive." Said Kraxka, looking down at the people that spoke, he was not provoked. "We want to try to make a peace treaty again… We lizardmen just want to be accepted as people and stop being hunted down like monsters. Those savage lizardmen are much like you people. There are also bandits within your races, right? There are also savage tribes within your races, right? Yet you're considered people anyways. What's the different between both of us if there are different people as well? We have both good and bad, no difference from you."

Kraxka's words were rough, but they came out swiftly, quickly impacting the people. They all looked in surprise at his way of speech, which was very direct and intriguing. He spoke about that there were no differences between lizardmen and people, there were the good and the bad, attributing all bad things to a race was wrong, because the other races were similar, they had evil and good at the end, it was like this for all races… What difference was there between savage bandits from mountains that could be human, elves, giants, dwarves, and beast-kin with these savage lizardmen? None.

"H-He's right…"

"But this needs more than just talking it out, we need to tell the nobles and everything else…"

"Yeah, it is not going to be swiftly."

"But we'll talk good about you guys!"

"Kraxka, you're a goodhearted man."

Various adventurers and mercenaries that were most of the time free-hearted and more acceptable to people were easily able to understand what Kraxka meant, and the chief felt relieved by having such good people in here, he quickly realized that his father was always right, there is indeed good and bad people.

"Where there is someone bad… there are three good persons… Kraxka… Never judge a group of people for what some did to you, everyone is different, everyone has different circumstances to their lives, judging a whole race for what one of them did is wrong… We are striving for our race to be recognized with that in mind, so you must also recognize it with other races of people…"

Kraxka recalled his wise father's words as he smiled a bit. He felt like his father was right here with him, smiling as he did what he had to do…

…However, would it be that easy?


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